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All healing and transformation comes from within – and journaling is a tool that can take you there. 


Learn How Journaling Can Help You Transform Your Energy & How You Feel! (So you can get moving on your GOALS!)

Registration is now open for my JOURNAL TO JOY Workshop on Wednesday, October 21, 2020; 12:00 – 1:00pm EST*

Now is the time to establish a new habit and a new vision for what’s possible for you in 2021!

In this 1-hour online journaling class, I share how to create a 10-minute a day journaling habit to help you balance your emotions and your energy so you can feel more optimistic and motivated to take action on your goals. Journaling can help you move from dwelling on negativity to feeling excited, expansive, energized, balanced and in a better mindset to go about your day.

Using journaling as one of my daily wellness tools, I went from feeling lost and not even sure why – to having the clarity and courage to seek out my dreams – and you can too!

What’s inside the online journaling workshop:

You’ll be spending an hour live with me on a small group zoom call as I take you through journaling, soup to nuts! I share with you the exact same practice I used to help myself work through sadness, anxiety, fear, and limiting beliefs to feel more grounded in the present and in the truth.

Along with the workshop, I’m also excited to give you…

  • A Joyful Affirmations download, I’ll explain how to use these with your journaling when you need mindful resets
  • A month’s worth of transformative journal prompts so you have ideas to try out as you begin to discover your own unique journaling style
  • A journaling habit tracker to give you accountability as you commit to this self-care habit of giving yourself 10 minutes of heart-centering love and attention per day
  • A sample journal sheet and a blank journal sheet to use if a notebook isn’t available to you

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This online journaling class is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve tried to journal, but you feel kind of silly writing to no one, you lose interest after a few days, or it never feels productive.
  • You’ve been so focused on caring for and pleasing everyone else that you barely recognize who you are anymore.
  • You’ve lost your connection, your relationship, with yourself.
  • You feel disconnected and out of alignment with anything that feels true, exciting, expansive.
  • You’re emotionally exhausted, anxious, battling self-doubt, stuck on past hurts, and not finding any bliss (except maybe in the bottom of ice cream carton).






learn the power of journalingJOURNAL TO JOY WORKSHOP – Wednesday, October 21, 2020; 12:00pm EST*
This is a live Zoom meeting.
Workshop Fee – $44.  


After you sign up, check your inbox for a welcome email containing a link to the zoom class registration (and a surprise bonus!). If you don’t receive your welcome email within 12 hours (and you’ve checked your junk/spam folders), or if you have any other questions about the workshop, reach out to me by clicking here to email.

Not sure how to use Zoom? Details here on this free cloud-based app.

*Can’t make it to the live class? Don’t let that stop you – you’ll still receive all the materials along with access to a recording of the workshop.

Don’t wait! Registration closes at 11:00PM EST on OCTOBER 20, 2020.  


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Where Journaling Can Take You…

  • To feeling more grounded and heart-centered, to feeling kindness for yourself as you heal, grow, and nourish your spirit.
  • To opening up and stepping into finding joy in the present moment, no matter your situation.
  • To being filled with gratitude and appreciation while uncovering how to work through and heal your past to make room for your future.
  • To having more confidence, courage and honesty in asking for what you need from your family, your children, your partner.
  • To feeling empowered to balance your energy and moods more effectively.

Journaling is a powerful, free, portable key to unlocking and releasing the emotional blocks that are keeping you feeling stuck, to pointing you to where your emotional exhaustion is stemming from, to finding clarity on why you keep feeling dragged down, and to helping you process your emotions in a productive, personal and transformative way. 

JOURNAL TO JOY WORKSHOP – Wednesday, October 21, 2020; 12:00pm EST

Workshop Fee – $44.   

Can’t wait to see you inside the workshop so we can get your journaling practice going now before we head into the emotional chaos of the holiday season!


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