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Feel like you can’t wait and you’d like to work with me one-on-one to get going with transformational journaling right away, or you’d like to work with me to help you shift away from negative thought patterns, or your interested in working with me for helping you with distance energy healing and clearing blocks?

Don’t waste any time that you could be taking better care of yourself and feeling more joy – reach out to me here – I can’t wait to connect with you!


Online Journaling Class – Learn How to Transform How You Feel (coming again soon!)


Are you ready to discover exactly how to use journaling to transform how you feel in just ten minutes a day?


A powerful and practical workshop where you will learn how to journal to make the biggest impact on feeling more joyful, optimistic, and motivated to live your best life.

Learn exactly how to personalize journaling so that you can transform how you feel in only 10 minutes a day.

Whether you’ve tried journaling before and didn’t feel any impact or if you’re new to journaling and you aren’t sure what to write, I will take you through how to get the most out of this simple, but powerful practice.

ready to power journal



I’m so glad you’re here!

I know what you’re wondering, how can a pen and a notebook be that powerful?

Well, that’s exactly what I plan to share with you!

I went from feeling lost and not even sure why – to having clarity and courage to seek out my dreams for this season of my life – and you can too!

Journaling played an important part in my transformation, and now I’m ready to teach you my method so you can use journaling to feel more joy in your life too.

And better yet – I’m going to make it clear and easy for you to see exactly how to get the most out of a ten minute a day journal practice.
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If there was a clear actionable way to uncover why you might be feeling a little lost, sad, depleted, and unable to stand up for yourself and what you need, wouldn’t you want to learn about it?

Have you ever wondered why you’re always putting yourself last, after caring for everyone else?

I hear it time and time again from my friends that they’re disappointed with themselves, exhausted and not taking care of their own mind, body, spirit.

I get it. I used to feel that way too.

Until I started understanding that by putting myself first, I was able to be there and show up in a stronger, more positive way for the people I love.

I know it’s hard to make time for yourself to feel better. But you really can get there – beginning with a journal practice.


The Power of Journaling

It was a rough period of time for me and journaling helped me clarify, express and get to the bottom of why I was feeling stuck. More importantly, it helped me work through how to make changes and feel motivated, one day at time, to transform how I was feeling.

Let me show how a 10 minute a day journal practice (when you know how it works best for you) is a simple, effective – free from judgment – zero guilt – can’t do it wrong – always available – proactive – do anywhere – private  – ticket to enormous personal growth.

I totally get it that you’re exhausted and although you really want to feel better, you don’t think you have the time or energy to journal.

But the truth is that if you don’t start putting yourself first, putting some practices into place to discover why it is you’re feeling the way you’re feeling, why you’re feeling stuck and unfulfilled – how are you ever going to change it?


 quote about the power of journaling

If you feel ready to learn the joyful power of journaling, join me for this 1-hour live zoom (private group) workshop on Wednesday, July 15 at 12:00pm EST.

This online class is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve tried to journal, but you feel kind of silly writing to no one, you lose interest after a few days, or it never feels productive.
  • You’ve been so focused on caring for and pleasing everyone else that you barely recognize who you are anymore.
  • You’ve lost your connection, your relationship, with yourself.
  • You feel disconnected and out of alignment with anything that feels true, exciting, expansive.
  • You’re emotionally exhausted, anxious, battling self-doubt, stuck on past hurts, and not finding any bliss (except maybe in the bottom of ice cream carton).

Well, enough of feeling like that! I’m going to show you how a pen and a notebook can help you move through and past those feelings.

Stop missing out. You’re missing out on the joy of the present moment. The abundance all around you. The feeling of being heart-centered and grounded, full of hope and optimism.

How can you get back to that woman, to the true you inside, to a person filled with excitement and positive energy? Positive energy to fuel changes and motivate yourself to experience joy.


Journal to Joy Online Journaling Class

Where Journaling Can Take You…

Imagine a life where you’re clear on your needs and comfortable seeing your needs met.

  • What would it feel like to be grounded and heart-centered, to feel empathy for yourself and to encourage yourself to heal, grow, and nourish your spirit.
  • Imagine being able to use a simple notebook as a way to open up and step into finding joy in the present moment, no matter your situation.
  • What would it feel like to be filled with gratitude and have a better understanding of how to work through and heal your past to make room for your future.
  • How does it look like to be more present and positive in asking for what you need from your family, your children, your partner.

If you don’t start putting yourself first and put 10 minutes a day into discovering, dreaming and transforming through the pages of your journal, you will continue to feel the same way.

Journaling is an incredibly powerful tool to change how you feel dramatically! But you need to know how best to use it for your needs.

On the surface, it may seem like it’s just “putting words on paper” but the effects of journaling for joy are profound and will affect your mind, your emotions, your actions throughout the entire day.

This is possible for you! And it’s starts with something as simple as journaling for ten minutes a day!

That’s why I created the Journal for Joy Workshop!

Let me show you how magical and amazing journaling can be when you use it to its fullest potential.

Learn how to journal to change your life




JOURNAL TO JOY WORKSHOP – Wednesday, July 15, 2020; 12:00pm EST

Unlock the blocks that are keeping you feeling stuck, pinpoint the exhaustion, find clarity and process your emotions in a productive and healing way.

You can start your Journal to Joy journey right from day one! And imagine how you will feel in a month or two when you stick with the intuitive use of this simple loving self-care activity?!

If you’ve tried journaling before, this time is going to be different. You’re going to learn the simple but profound how, what, why, when, where of journaling to joy. You’ll learn how to gravitate toward prompts and styles of journaling that fit best for you and your routine.

I invite you to take this one-hour live training class and see it as a journey to your new self.

To learning and exercising the simple tools that will help you build a well of self-compassion and understanding and growth.


woman journaling in notebook

Your inner world creates your outer world.

And a simple notebook and a few minutes a day combined can completely unravel the inner chaos and expand your heart to welcome sooooo much love, gratitude, mindfulness, healing, peace, motivation, clarity.

Journal to Joy workshop will show you how to use the free activity of journaling to unwrap your best self, to expand your heart and shift your perspective.

Once you understand how to use journaling for powerful transformation, you’ll see how non-negotiable your ten minutes of journaling will become!

I know how personally and powerfully transformative journaling can be and I want to share that magic with you.

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Transform your day

This workshop is for you if you are ready to step into a life full of love and joy! Even if you feel short on time and exhausted, I’m going to show you how journaling can easily fit into your life and empower your day.

What’s inside this powerful online workshop:

You’ll be spending an hour live with me on a group zoom call as I take you through journaling, soup to nuts!

I’m also excited to give you…

  • A Joyful Affirmations download, I’ll explain how to use these with your journaling when you need mindful resets
  • A month’s worth of transformative journal prompts so you have ideas to try out as you begin to discover your own unique journaling style
  • A journaling habit tracker to give you accountability as you commit to this self-care habit of giving yourself 10 minutes of heart-centering love and attention per day
  • A sample journal sheet and a blank journal sheet to use if a notebook isn’t available to you

I will share with you the exact same practice that I used to help myself work through the past, get grounded in the present, and feel more excited, expansive, energized and optimistic about my future.

Transform your life - learn how to journal



learn the power of journaling

Will you be joining me as I share with you exactly how to use journaling to live with more joy?

I want you to learn how to easily, simply, fully experience the transformative power of journaling!

The value of this workshop and accompanying assets is over $250 but I really wanted to make this accessible to everyone so I’m offering it to you at this time for $44.

Sign up using the button below, Then check your inbox for a welcome/registration email.

Register right now for $44 

 Now go put it on your calendar! Wednesday, July 15 at 12:00pm EST

I can’t wait to see you inside the workshop! – Marlene

Can’t make it live, don’t worry – you’ll have everything that is included yours to keep, along with the recording.










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