This is a blog about reconnecting with your authentic self and choosing joy in your next “chapter” of life.

My purpose is to share inspiration and truth for women who want to live their best life.

I feel a definitive transition from the insanely busy and chaotic Chapter One of life culminating around age fifty and moving into a more reflective and soul-searching Chapter Two.

In my search for inspiration from other women over fifty who are rocking the second “chapter” of their lives, I realized I needed to express my own journey (or go nuts). I know I find comfort and encouragement in talking to my friends – especially my over fifty friends (you know who you are!) – and I figured others might want to share, celebrate, explore and even co-miserate.

Women of all ages face certain common issues, but there are some unique challenges and situations that women over fifty have in common.

It’s been my experience that no one can quite talk you off the ledge like a girlfriend.

Not that I don’t find younger women’s web and social media stories interesting and inspiring, I do. I especially like to follow health, fitness, organizing and wellness personalities/sites – as those are always areas I need (much!) improvement. Even if I take no action on their inspiration, it’s still puts some good stuff on my to-do but maybe I won’t do list.

A tribe of women

More and more, I am looking for real stories on how woman over fifty are navigating their lives after their children have grown and flown. How are they dealing with the same life challenges that I am? I yearn to be real, to be honest, and to be myself, more than I ever have before. I want to figure out who I am in this second chapter of life, what I want to do, where I want to be, and to do more of what really matters now.

There must be other women over 50 asking themselves these same questions.

Is it possible that I’m the only one who is tired of seeing women’s magazine story titles that read, “How to please your man” and “1,000 ways to make chicken”?

With the slowdown in laundry, kid schlepping, food shopping, parent-teacher conferences and the like – there has to be some fulfilling stuff to add. I’m ready for inspiration and positivity (and occasional crank-festivals), even in light of the serious issues this stage of life can bring, i.e. illness, aging parents, depression…

Therapeutic self-discovery and inspiration

So, in the spirit of self-expression and sharing as a sort of therapy and self-discovery (and so I don’t completely wear out my dearest friends), I started this blog following an urge to connect with (and hopefully eventually help) other women.

Reiki Sessions

Along my journey, I became certified in Reiki, Level 1 and 2, and then in 2020, I went further and become a certified Reiki Master. I was naturally drawn to this healing modality. Offering Reiki Healing Sessions to clients has been a beautiful heart-centered way to help women who want to relieve stress, heal, find balance and clear their energy.

Intuitive Coaching and Mindset Mentorship Program

My connection with other women, my desire to help and serve other women who want more out of life… but who are struggling to figure out exactly what that means and how to get there – led me to create a one-on-one coaching program where I combine intuitive guidance and mindset mentorship, in a private weekly program. This has been incredibly transformative, for me and my clients. I’m so grateful to have a way to compile nearly a decade of my own personal growth journey into strategies and intuitive guidance to help other women reconnect with their purpose and find fulfillment and joy; helping them get back in the driver’s seat of their emotions and their lives. Contact me directly here if this is a program you’d like to know more about.

The Shop

I occasionally find items that are special to me and that you might like too. Check out these adorable rose quartz reiki-infused hearts I’ve added to the shop page!

Even more personal

I don’t have a super-interesting or unique life, but I’m hopeful there are other women out there who can relate and are looking to share thoughts, gripes, hopes and stories of the same.

I don’t want to focus on age but having age in common is the thread that ties us together. I’m feeling hopeful about looking for and sharing, relatable stories, inspiration and joy with you.

I live in Orange County, New York and have been self-employed in marketing and graphic design for the past two decades. I’m married and a mom to three sons, ages 26, 22 and 18, and dog-mom to my pooch Nutley.

Stay connected with me!

I hope you will stay connected with me by subscribing for my weekly blog and sharing in the funny, pissy, fabulous, awful, healing, happy, bitchy, sad, hopeful, fearful, joyous life journey – Cheers to Chapter Two of life!

Stay tuned, lots more to come…

I’ve got lots of new things planned in the coming months to help share all that I’ve learned about feeling good and living joyfully with YOU! — Marlene

Featured Writing and Appearances

I’m excited to share that my writing has recently been featured in the latest two print and digital issues of FYI50+ magazine, as well as a the author of my own regular feature column on their new website, currently under design!

I’m also proud to be a regular contributor at www.fyi50plus.com and have also contributed to www.50plus-today.com – both lifestyle and informational web resources for the 50+ generation.

I’ve been a guest on the popular Girl Camper podcast with Janine Pettit as well as a guest on the Awake Network, “Now It’s My Turn” show with Lana McAra

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