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Waiting for College Acceptances: How to Get Through the Anxiety

One of my friends received news last week that her son was accepted to his top choice college on the same day that another friend found out her child received a no. Having been through this college process twice with one child more to go, it reminded me that waiting for college acceptances to come in is much like standing in a line in gym class waiting to be picked for a team.  Except it feels like the whole world watching. It may be exhilarating or devastating, but it’s almost…

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What Does Being Mindful Mean and Why Should We Care?

What is mindfulness, why should we care and how do we start? Last weekend, I attended a talk specifically on the subject of mindfulness at Lincoln Center in Manhattan. Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, scientist, speaker, author of several books on the topic and a pioneer in the meditative approach to treat pain and depression, was the presenter. His accomplishments are impressive and his speaking style was relaxed and… thoughtful. He spoke about how important it is to be mindful. To take time to notice our thoughts. To pause our racing minds…

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pressure on teens to measure up

The Crushing Pressure on Teens to Measure Up

I’ve been explaining to my fifteen year old that the choices he makes now are important to his future. And I don’t mean the do you want pizza or mac and cheese for dinner tonight choices. It’s only natural for us to want to make everything go right during their high school years. So my verbal encouragement (aka nagging) has been on auto-repeat: How he needs to focus on his grades. How he needs to eat healthier and get more sleep, how he needs to steer clear from all of…

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Learning to Let Go - The Big Shut Out
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Learning to Embrace The Big Shut Out

One of the hardest things about our kids growing up and becoming independent is learning to let go and embracing The Big Shut Out. It’s not easy to go from being intimately involved in (and even responsible for) their every need for at least their first decade, to having to get in line for a moment with them when they are teens. As they mature and start to make decisions for themselves, we instinctually back away, a little bit at a time, to give them space to learn and to make…

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pack for college
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The Single Most Important Thing to Pack for College

Some of my friends are helping their kids pack for college in the next few weeks. It’s a busy and emotional time getting ready for drop off day. What is the most important and most useful item for them to take with them? Turns out, it’s not something you can order on Amazon. It’s confidence. Helping our kids feel confident and capable is the best preparation we can provide for their separation from us and their adventures on their own at college. If they believe they are capable of handling…

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Full Nest Empty Nest
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The Fleeting Joy of the Temporarily Full Nest

Memorial Day weekend was the first time in six months that my partially empty nest was full again. My oldest came home to visit for the long weekend. I hadn’t seen him since he was last home in December. He lives in Wisconsin and we haven’t had a chance to go out there to visit him, nor has he had the opportunity to come home, until that weekend. We didn’t do anything exciting and that almost made it even more special. Just the normalcy of him being at home, along…

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