woman meditating in way to practice gratitude

Why We Should Practice Gratitude

Why We Should Practice Gratitude Practicing gratitude is an undervalued ticket to personal power and to getting yourself out of feeling stuck in your life. Let’s start by unpacking what gratitude really is. The dictionary defines gratitude as the quality of being thankful. We know feeling thankful for something, whether tangible or intangible, is a conscious and positive emotion. Trying to feel grateful is something many of us strive for. It’s generally thought of as a virtuous quality, and who doesn’t want to feel a little bit more virtuous, right?!…

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Two friends hugging happily for Friends Quality Over Quantity Is What Counts blog post

Friends: Quality Over Quantity Is What Counts

Friends: Quality Over Quantity Is What Counts Through thick and through thin, in good times and in bad… sounds like marriage vows, but today we’re talking about something equally important: friendship. Friendship is crucial to our well-being throughout our lives. I’d even argue that friendships become more important as we get older. More so than having a large quantity of friends, it’s the quality of friendships that is so important to our emotional health. And the best part, when it comes to our emotional health, is that this an area…

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