Your Time to Thrive

Your Time to Thrive: A 90 Day Healing Journey to Self-Love, Fearless Living, and Dream-Chasing Confidence

This is a live one-to-one private coaching program which incorporates mindset strategies and intuitive guidance. This is a powerful combination designed for you if you’re seeking personalized one-on-one support as you journey back to finding who you truly are, what you genuinely want to create in your life, and uncovering the practices that will keep you motivated and optimistic enough to actually get there.

This program is me meeting virtually with you for one hour each week to sift through what is making you feel lost and stuck and unhappy, to share intuitive guidance with you that can help support you to understand and clear blocks, imbalances, old beliefs, and emotional cords keeping you tethered to the past; working together to find what types of strategies and mindset habits will help move forward to the life you desire.

The combination of mindset mentoring and intuitive coaching makes this program unique and powerful. Smiling woman in forest with arms outstretched for how to get negative thoughts out of your mind blog page

At the end of our time together you will feel more aware, aligned, empowered, and inspired to take the steps to improve your life than you have felt before.

You will feel a sense of lightness, optimism, and hope that will help you get out of the passenger seat and into the driver’s seat – taking the wheel and driving your life in the direction you truly desire.

Can you do this alone? Sure. But the path is so much clearer when you have support.

It’s like hiking a new trail in the woods. You’re unfamiliar with the path and how to navigate the trail. Going on the hike with a friend who is there to hold your hand and support you along the way, a friend who is there to guide you and help you see where the turns in the trail are, and help you learn to trust your inner compass to make the best choices for where you want to get to. Having a guide provides a beautiful sense of support to get from one point to another on a trail you very much want to journey, but haven’t quite taken the first step on yet.

This 90 day program includes monthly:

  • One-to-One Coaching and Mentoring Sessions
  • Accountability through weekly practices and reflective “homework” assignments (voluntary)
  • Personalized mindset tools & guided meditations

All sessions are private and designed to support your unique desires to heal, release, grow and create how you want to feel and live.

Midlife Positive AffirmationsThis program is specifically designed to guide you through healing, releasing and unblocking what has been keeping you feeling “stuck” and about introducing strategies and tools that can empower you to shift your mindset, spark your motivation, and reconnect you with your inner voice and your own power.

It’s time for you to connect to your authentic self and live life on purpose.


If this heart-expanding type of one-to-one healing and transformative guided mentorship sounds like something you’re ready for, book a free thirty minute discovery call so we can chat more about it. 

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If you’re ready for this transformation, let’s discuss your needs and goals and let’s get going!

I look forward to connecting and supporting you on your journey. – Marlene

Spots are limited for this one-on-one program, so please contact me soon!

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