Distance Reiki & Mindset Mentoring Program

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Distance Reiki and Mindset Mentorship Program

Registration opens for the next 5-week private program in June 2021! Limited availability so email me today to get on the waitlist.

This is a 5-week Distance Reiki and Mindset Mentorship Program designed for those seeking personalized one-on-one support with creating more positive mindset habits along with receiving the power of distance reiki energy healing.

This five week program includes:

  • Three 1-Hr Distance Reiki Sessions w/intuitive guidance and card reading
  • Four 1-Hr One-to-One Mindset Mentoring Sessions
  • Mindset Tools including personalized guided meditations, self-paced online journaling course & so much more

All sessions are private and designed to support your unique desires to heal, release, grow and create how you want to feel and live.

This program is specifically designed to guide you through healing, releasing and unblocking what has been keeping you feeling “stuck” and about introducing strategies and tools that can empower you to shift your mindset, spark your motivation, and reconnect you with your inner voice and your own power.

Program Session Scheduling

We will meet once a week via zoom, sometimes twice, per our scheduled mentorship sessions and your distance reiki sessions over the course of the five weeks. 

Our sessions should be scheduled for a time when you are in a calm, relaxed environment and able to focus on the session, on inviting healing and on your well-being. Setting this time for yourself is a part of intention setting and is a self-care piece of your energetic renewal. We will be in communication during the five week period so that I can support you in your integration between sessions. 

What is Reiki?

Reiki assists the client’s body, mind and spirit into a place of relaxation and healing by releasing energetic blockages, balancing the chakras and aura, and offering universal life force energy.

With Distance, or sometimes referred to as remote, Reiki the practitioner focuses and uses the same healing prayerful energetic intentions across the distance to the person, place, or situation to be treated. The Reiki treatment proceeds in a similar manner to an in-person session, as if the receiver were in the same room as the practitioner.

Know that you don’t have to “participate” to receive the energy clearing and healing benefits.

A Distance Reiki Healing Session is unique to each person and each session, but generally may:

  • Relieve feelings of overwhelm
  • Relieve tension and negative energy
  • Feel more grounded and centered
  • Feel more aligned with positive energy
  • Release energy blocks and energetic imbalances
  • Feel gently centered and able to turn inward for healing
  • Restore calm to your mind, body and spirit
  • Release energetic emotional cords
  • Activate intentions and positive affirmations
  • Reset your mindset to welcome abundance and healing
  • Open your heart to your own intuitive wisdom
  • Replenish and nourish your ability to balance emotions
  • Cleanse and balance aura and chakras
  • Welcome intentional healing and stress release

Sign Up for this Five Week Reiki and Mindset Mentorship Program

The value of this offering is $674 if purchased in individual sessions and materials.  At this time I am offering this powerful program for an introductory price of $379.

Email me directly with any questions as well as to sign up. I’d love to get on the phone with you to chat about if this is a good fit for you right now. And if you’re ready for this transformation, we can connect to discuss your needs and goals and then set up times and dates in a schedule for the five weeks of the program.

I look forward to connecting and working with you. – Marlene

Spots are limited for this one-on-one program, so please contact me soon!

While Reiki may assist with healing and is used worldwide as a form of complementary medicine, it is not a replacement for medical care. Marlene is not a licensed therapist nor a medical doctor and encourages you to continue care with health care team.





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