Journal to Joy Online Journaling Class – Resources

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Hello my Journal to Joy friend!


Here is your surprise bonus! A five-minute Guided Mindfulness Meditation.


If you’ve never meditated before or have never listened to a guided meditation, don’t be intimidated. Don’t overthink it. Just find a cozy place to sit quietly, wherever and whenever you can, close your eyes and give it a listen.

Guided meditations are a great introduction to learning to quiet your mind, tap into your intuition, heal, and destress. You might actually find giving it a listen (it’s just five mins!) may help you feel calmer, more present and more tuned into your own positive energy the entire day! Enjoy!  – Marlene

Also yours: Affirmations for Joy

[Click here to download – Affirmations for Joy]

Affirmations are powerful statements that have the ability to change our beliefs. These affirmations for joy can have the biggest impact if they are spoken aloud first thing in the morning or right before bed. Saying them helps them sink into your subconscious (even if you don’t feel you believe them!). You can also choose one (or more) to write in your daily journal, or even on sticky notes to leave in your wallet, on your bathroom mirror or anywhere else you may see them during the day. Enjoy! 

Plus more Journal to Joy Workshop goodies for you as promised!

(click links below to download)

Journaling – habit tracker for accountability

One month’s worth of Journal-to-Joy-Prompts to get you going

A Daily Journal Template (blank) to try if you don’t want to use a traditional journal or notebook


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