Reiki Healing

Reiki (ray-key) is an ancient Japanese non-invasive healing technique used for rebalancing the energies of the mind, body and spirit – a gift of self-care.

A Reiki treatment is for you if you would like to:

  • Relieve feelings of overwhelm
  • Relieve tension and negative energy
  • Feel more grounded and centered
  • Feel more aligned with positive energy
  • Feel gently centered and able to turn inward for healing
  • Restore calm to your mind, body and spirit
  • Activate intentions and positive affirmations
  • Reset your mindset to welcome abundance and healing
  • Open your heart to your own intuitive wisdom
  • Replenish and nourish your ability to balance emotions
  • Welcome intentional healing and stress release

Reiki Studio in Orange County NY

My Approach and What to Expect During an In-Person Reiki Treatment Session

A typical thirty-minute In-Person Reiki session begins with us having a brief conversation, after which you will move to the massage-type table, fully clothed (shoes off please). You will lie on or under (your choice) soft blankets to help you feel warm and comfortable. Gentle lighting and soothing music playing in the background help to create an atmosphere for relaxation.

The session starts with me guiding you through a few deep breaths so you can begin to unwind and relax as I move into the traditional Reiki sequences of prayerful intentions and motions. I will slowly move over your body and pause over areas to provide a gentle touch (or no touch if you prefer) in a variety of positions from your head down to your feet. Your session can be for general well-being or for a specific focus. You may keep your eyes open, or to close them, and it’s ok if you fall asleep.

At the close of the session, we’ll take a few moments to breathe deeply and to set intentions or affirmations. Super simple, low-key, relaxing and non-intrusive.

No need to bring anything with you except an open heart and mind, and a desire for balance and well-being.

Schedule a Session

Email to set up an appointment.

In-Person Reiki Treatment Rate

In Person, Pine Island, NY (Orange County)

30 minutes: $45

Please review the Disclaimer and Cancellation Policy before booking appointment.

Distance Reiki Treatment (read more)

Because it is the power of attuned intention that provide the benefits of Reiki, Distance Reiki can provide the same results.


How Reiki became a part of my journey

Reaching out to discover more about myself and what unites us all. Learning, growing, evolving and discovering everything and anything that makes us live more mindfully, more present, more positive, more supported and less wrought with anxiety.

I am open to whatever we can do to experience more joy and meaning and feel more confidence – all to live our best life.

On this path of intentional discovery (and an endless quest live a positive life and to quell my anxiety issues) over the past few years, I’ve read many self-help books, listened to countless personal growth podcasts, taken courses, and explored my own thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

Among many helpful and inspiring tools I’ve picked up along the way, many of which I’ve written about on the Cheers to Chapter Two blog, I found Reiki. To be used as a part of the journey to overall improved mind-body wellness.

It drew my attention from the first time I heard about it. Before I even knew what it was, I signed up to become certified. The idea that I could help myself and others heal and grow and cope with life’s many curveballs felt natural to me. I would go as far as saying I felt called to learn and practice Reiki. To help myself and to help others.

I attended and successfully completed Holy Fire Usui Reiki training. As a Certified Level I & II Reiki Practitioner, I’m super excited to share this wellness modality with you!

Reiki is a natural fit with my mission to help other women  (and myself) live the most balanced, positive life possible and to stay open to receiving and experiencing as much positive energy and joy as possible.


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