strong women in our lives
midlife, personal growth

Who Are the Strong Women in Your Life?

I cracked out my grandmother’s sewing kit today to repair a rip in one of my son’s favorite shirts. Unlike my grandmother (and my mother), I’m terrible at sewing. My grandmother surely handed down some strong genes, but definitely not the sewing ones. Nonna Silla (nonna is Italian for grandmother) was my dad’s mother. Silla Ferrini was her maiden name. She was born in Italy in 1892. She came to the U.S. as a married woman and worked as a seamstress in New York City. She later opened a dress…

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Woo-Woo to Cultivate Positivity
midlife, personal growth

Woo-Woo and The Enchanted Forest

I confess. I can’t help it. I’m drawn to woo-woo. Are you also contemplating using woo-woo to cultivate positivity, help you gain more power to set intentions and manifest your goals into reality? At the very least, I think there’s something to be gained from focused positivity and if it’s the woo-woo that gets us there, so be it. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines woo-woo as “dubiously or outlandishly mystical, supernatural, or unscientific”. My personal definition for woo-woo is all things that are spiritual and mystical (and not specifically religious),…

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Ways to Find Inspiration
midlife, personal growth

Five Super Simple Ways to Find Inspiration

It’s not always easy to feel inspired. Some days I feel down and stagnant and I’m looking for inspiration to pick me back up and keep me moving forward.  Sometimes I’m looking for a creative spark to help me attack a project from a new angle, or I’m looking for ideas on how to make better health and wellness choices, or I’m searching for inspirational advice on parenting my teenager (vs. locking him in the basement). I know how frequently I’m in need of an inspirational lift (basically every day!).…

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Full Nest Empty Nest
midlife, parenting

The Fleeting Joy of the Temporarily Full Nest

Memorial Day weekend was the first time in six months that my partially empty nest was full again. My oldest came home to visit for the long weekend. I hadn’t seen him since he was last home in December. He lives in Wisconsin and we haven’t had a chance to go out there to visit him, nor has he had the opportunity to come home, until that weekend. We didn’t do anything exciting and that almost made it even more special. Just the normalcy of him being at home, along…

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scared of things that are out of my control
aging parents, midlife, parenting

Trying So Hard Not to Be Scared

I had a meltdown yesterday. It was the release of a day’s worth of trying not to give in to anxiety and fears that had built up subconsciously. The tipping point came when I accidentally pinched my finger in the hinge of the closet doors. It closed so hard on my skin that it caused an instant blood blister. I saw stars in that first intense moment of pain as tears rolled down my cheeks. I sat down on the nearby toilet seat lid holding my finger tightly. At first…

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Someone you love is hurting
aging parents, parenting, personal growth

When Someone You Love is Hurting, You Hurt

When someone you love is hurting – your child, partner, friend – you feel the pain too. And you’ll stop at nothing to either make it go away or somehow figure out how to fix it. There is no greater urge than to protect our kids and loved ones. It takes root from love, but it grows far beyond and is an amazing thing. What’s also remarkable is how you forget about everything else when you’re on a mission to fix their hurt. I’m exhausted and coming down with something. Maybe…

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