Visualizing Your Future Self Can Lead to Better Choices

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Have you given much thought to who, what, where you want to be in twenty years (besides alive)?

Tapping into the vision and wisdom of your future self can help you find the clarity to make smarter choices today.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our busy days – full of work, to-do lists, appointments, bills and errands – that we lose sight of the bigger picture, the longer game.

But envisioning the longer game can provide clearer choices for what we are doing today, the actions and planning that is required, that can get us to where we dream of being.

If your end game involves becoming your best self, keep reading because you’ll need some guidance for making choices for the future.

How you can manifest your best self in the future circles back to what choices and priorities you make for today, tomorrow, and the days that follow.

In Tara Mohr’s bestselling book, Playing Big, she introduces an exercise to tap into your inner wisdom – your wiser future self. I highly recommend reading the book, but this exercise goes something like this:

Close your eyes and take a few minutes to envision yourself, your best self, twenty years from now.

Get specific. What do you look like? What does your hair look like, what type of clothing are you wearing, what fabrics and colors, how do your clothes fit?

Where are you living? Are you near an ocean, in the mountains, on a farm, near a lake?

How do you feel? Are you strong, fit and healthy – able to physically enjoy activities that you love? Are you calm and happy? Have you figured out what truly matters in your life?

What is your home like? Is it minimally furnished, sleek and modern. Is it a woodsy, earthy lake house full of photographs? Is there art? What kind of art? What are the colors in your home?

Open your eyes and write down your impressions of what your future best self and dream life looks like.

Envisioning your future self and best life is more than just a fantasy.

If you can tap into who that person is and how they feel, look and behave – she can serve as a guide for the decisions you make today.

“You can become that amazing woman you met in your vision. In fact, you are becoming her.” – Tara Mohr

Keeping in touch with that vision in your head can help you to continue to evolve into that woman and that life.

Start with your physical body (assuming your best self vision doesn’t include being unable to move!).

Should you be taking better care of your health? Getting your blood pressure or cholesterol in check. Getting to a healthier weight. Having health screenings more regularly. Starting and maintaining a fitness plan. Taking a look at how clean and holistic your lifestyle is and what you can change to reduce your exposure to toxins and improve your general wellness.

Next, your home.

Where do envision your best self living? Twenty years is not that long off. Think about how quickly the last twenty passed! Consider what you’ll need to do financially to have that home that fits your vision. Are you going to need to fix your current home for eventual sale? There could be more you could be doing to plan and save for that dream home.

And then who is with you.

If you have a partner, have you discussed where you both want to be in twenty years? Don’t assume you have the same vision, and don’t expect your partner’s response to be the same as it might have been five or ten years ago, or whenever the last time was (if ever?) that you talked about your long game.

How does your best self feel in twenty years?

What will your outlook be? Do you envision your best self as a positive, happy, peace-filled person?

Are you that way now? If not, how will you get there? What will you need to do for your emotional and spiritual well-being to make it happen? Could you start working on personal development now – through reading books, through nature, through classes, through therapy?

Maybe consider introducing or building a more consistent spiritual, religious, or meditation practice to help you build the emotional peace and mental wellness you envision.

If you want to be that person and live that vision of your best life twenty years from now, you need to stay in touch with that woman.

Because staying tuned in to the choices your future self is guiding you to make today will lead you where you want to be.

Sounds like work? Is it all worth it? Is it just too late?

Wake up chiquita!

We might be over forty, or fifty, or more… but we are still growing, learning and evolving. So much deep, fulfilling, rich and yummy goodness is yet to come!

I hear you…this visualization exercise is just a little too out there for you. So, here’s your reality check.

You’re right. There are a vast number of uncertainties in life.

Yes, you might succumb to a horrible disease or get hit by a bus in the next twenty years. But we can’t live like that. We know bad stuff can happen, but as humans we have the ability to think forward and to choose optimism.

You can choose to live your days full of hope and to plan and mindfully make the choices that are within your control (or give up now and let the dreams of your best self ride off into the sunset!)

I knew you’d come around.

Focus your thoughts in the optimistic direction of your best future self. See yourself twenty years from now, happy, wise, healthy, peaceful and enjoying quality of life.

Cheers to consciously aligning your daily decisions and actions according to what will lead you to that vision of your best self you want for your future.
– Marlene


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