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How to Get Yourself Out of a Bad Mood – 3 Simple Techniques

How to Get Yourself Out of a Bad Mood Even the most cheerful gal in the group occasionally finds herself in a bad mood.  It’s not always easy to immediately feel gratitude or to see the upside of a situation. Often, there are a series of things that go wrong which compound and create the perfect storm for a foul mood. We can all agree that staying in a glum mood for too long becomes depressing, deflating, and unproductive. So in this post, I’m sharing with you a few ways…

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How Love Gives Us Courage

Love is magical. Who would argue that? But it’s so much more than magic – love is often the source of our courage. There are many sides to the powerful emotion we call love. There’s a side of love that makes our heart flutter with excitement and passion. There’s another side of love that keeps us steadfastly caring for our family, our friends, our neighbors, our community, our globe. And then there is the side of love I write to you about today that carries us through times so painful,…

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Make Time for the Things You Love

Make Time for the Things You Love It’s the first week of January and I’m sure you, like me, feel compelled to make lists and plans of what we wish to accomplish this year. Last week, I wrote about intentions… and how powerful it is to create a mindset around how you want to feel (rather than focusing on what you want to do). Hopefully, you have spent some time this past week reacquainting yourself with what makes you feel good and have given thought to setting intentions around those…

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Finding Peace in Turbulent Times

This year has been a bumpy journey for nearly everyone. For many, it’s been more than rough. It’s been tumultuous, painful, and loaded with fears. Piled on top of the never-ending coronavirus concerns, we’ve been navigating political and social unrest and the strains of what feels much like living in a bizarre version of The Hunger Games. It takes quite a strong emotional fortress to not only survive the emotional chaos, but to feel peace within it, and to maybe even (dare I say) thrive. So how do we bolster…

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How to Feel Less Stressed Out – 4 Tips for a Less Stressful Holiday Season

How to feel less stressed out – Follow these 4 tips for a less stressful holiday season… Why are we about to feel more stressed out (than our 2020 usual)? As if the never-ending pandemic and the tense presidential election wasn’t stressful enough for this year… we’re now staring down the barrel of the holiday season. Even though pandemic-related gathering and travel restrictions seem like they’ll be sticking around through to the new year, the holidays are still a time with plenty to look forward to. Most of us enjoy…

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Lower Anxiety Naturally – 7 Ways to Reduce Anxious Feelings

7 Ways to Lower Anxiety Naturally It doesn’t matter how enlightened, spiritual, zen and chill you think you are, anxiety is going to come up. You might think you are not an anxiety sufferer, but it’s impossible to not have at least an occasional flare up. (Hello – we are in a global pandemic and have been living in some form of abnormal social distancing bordering on isolation for months now!) Unfortunately, anxiety and worry are a part of the human condition. Anxiety is an almost unavoidable response when there’s…

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