Midlife Mental Health

Curate Uplift for Your Midlife Mental Health

Much that’s written about life after fifty focuses on our physical well-being but not as much attention is given to midlife mental health. At any age, mental health is crucial to our well-being. From childhood straight into midlife and beyond – how we think is interconnected with how we feel. Most of us have experienced how anxiety can lead to a stomachache and headache. We don’t need to be doctors or psychologists to understand how stress and worry can make us physical ill. “Stress can increase hormones like adrenaline and…

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I need a good cry - woman bent over her knees sad

For Crying Out Loud, I Need a Good Cry!

I started writing an inspirational go-for-your-dreams post because much of the time I do feel inspired… but you know what? I’m not feeling it today. Today, I feel like I need a good cry. I haven’t yet (and I’m NOT a crier) but, hey, the day is still young. And so what? Maybe a good cry is exactly what we need some days. By fifty, the secret is out. Life isn’t always rainbows and unicorns. Things don’t always go our way. Life doesn’t always play out the way we’d like…

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Over Fifty is Flipping Fantastic Birthday Cupcakes

Five Big Reasons Why Being Over Fifty is Flipping Fantastic!

Ok, so I’ll admit there are some bummers about being over fifty, but let’s not focus on those today. Instead, let’s celebrate five big reasons it’s flipping fantastic to be over fifty! 1. Clarity. We are now at the top of the hill where we can see more clearly the stuff that matters in life and the crap that doesn’t. We’re old enough to have lost loved ones and to have watched friends suffer through diseases, divorces and tragedies. We clearly understand that with a few decades of life left…

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I need help spelled out in letter blocks

The guilt and shame of the words “I need help”

I’m sure we can all agree that there are so many times in life when we want to scream I NEED HELP. Not a single one of us had made it to midlife without someone’s help here or there along the way. So why do so many of us feel that saying I need help is a failure of some kind? We are raised from childhood for the end game of becoming self-sufficient. We were told to think for ourselves. Choose for ourselves. Do for ourselves. A big part of…

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Liberation Zone - Life After Fifty

Life After Fifty; Welcome to the Judgement-Free Liberation Zone

Life after fifty definitely comes with some downers but over all, it’s time to celebrate moving into the judgement-free liberation zone! There’s something sort of magical that happens when we get past fifty. We start to gradually shed the pressure to be more. More successful, more popular, more fun, more accomplished, more perfect. We ramp up to this point our entire lives – always trying to be more. Now that we’re here and we realize how many years have gone by with us working so hard and trying so desperately…

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Learning to Let Go - The Big Shut Out

Learning to Embrace The Big Shut Out

One of the hardest things about our kids growing up and becoming independent is learning to let go and embracing The Big Shut Out. It’s not easy to go from being intimately involved in (and even responsible for) their every need for at least their first decade, to having to get in line for a moment with them when they are teens. As they mature and start to make decisions for themselves, we instinctually back away, a little bit at a time, to give them space to learn and to make…

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