My Top Health and Wellness Products – Living Life After 50

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My Top Health and Wellness Products

I’ve always been drawn to organic and holistic natural living products – all the way back to my teenage years – when these types of methods and products were not as mainstream as today. Before ever walking into a natural market, I remember making sugar and honey facial scrubs and using lemon juice to whiten my nails, drinking chamomile for stomachaches and soaking in Epsom salt baths.

Maybe it’s a part of my overall growing need to discard as many toxic harmful products (and people!), and as many generally unhealthy “things” from my life as possible.

Being over fifty and working toward living well – ain’t nobody got time for toxicity!

This is the time to pursue our best life ever, discover new dreams, and reach new goals. This is not a time to get slowed down and not feel our best.

I’m all for natural, holistic and healthy living, but I still get my nails done (confessions from a lifetime nail biter) and color my hair (because at this moment in my life, it makes me feel good), but in general, my interest and desire for non-toxic natural living has increased exponentially.

And what good is enjoying the benefits of fewer toxins and a few great natural products, if I don’t share it with my peeps. You! I’m fairly certain you want to live your best life and feel as healthy and well as possible too.

So, in the spirit of sharing – these are my fave eight health and wellness products at the moment.

Kind of a random list, but I use these products daily myself and love them all. Note: I’m not an affiliate of these brands and this is not a sponsored post.

  1. Natural Calm – a brand of magnesium supplement. It’s a tasteless powder I mix with water before bed and helps me sleep soundly. It has a reputation for being a stress-reducer, and who doesn’t need that? I’m not a nutritionist nor doctor, but I swear by it!
  2. Wishgarden Get OVER it! – a natural herbal dietary supplement. A few squirts in a beverage and I feel like I have superpowers! Maybe it’s purely a placebo effect – but as nasty as it tastes, I’m willing to take my chances that it is keeping me well!
  3. Thieves Household Cleaner – discovered through a friend (thanks Hillary!). I love the scent of this all-around plant-based cleaner from Young Living. It is essential oil-infused (think clove, lemon and cinnamon) so it leaves an incredible scent in the air. I’ve found it to safely clean just about everything in my home. It’s concentrated (and expensive) but it cleans so well and lasts soooooo long – a 14.4 ounce bottle, mixed a capful at a time with water in a spray bottle, has lasted me months!
  4. Organic Coconut Oil – I have so many uses for this one! Cooking, baking, skin, makeup remover, hair shiner, heel softener…. Smells delicious and tastes like the tropics! Right now I’m loving Trader Joe’s brand (super affordable).
  5. Essential Oils – A natural way to add fragrance – whether in the diffuser or just rubbed on my wrist – my faves right now are peppermint, orange and lavender. I have tried and use the brands Arome, Artnaturals and Rareessence – however, even Walmart carries some affordable brands. Read labels!
  6. Organic tea – Although I love my coffee, by evening I switch gears to decaf tea. My current faves are green tea, lemon-ginger, and green tea flavored with pomegranate. Too many brands to list – but read labels for ingredients. Some tea brands add artificial flavors and sweeteners.
  7. Nutpods – a brand of coconut and almond milk creamer. I love the taste of this non-dairy alternative for lightening up my daily (multiple cups) of java. It’s a bit expensive, but super creamy. I would compare a serving to the equivalent of how much half-and-half you would normally use. Discovered while I was on the Whole30 program last year, Nutpods have zero saturated fat, no cholesterol and zero sodium. Bonus for the lactose intolerant – I’m not starting the day with the bloat that dairy gives me. I find this product at my local supermarket in the dairy case near cream and milk, as well as in my local health food market, but it can also be purchased online.
  8. Native Coconut & Vanilla Deodorant (affiliate link – use the code HEALTH10 and get 10% off!) – I finally found my favorite paraben-free, aluminum-free deodorant! This works like a charm (and I’ve been using it for over six-months now – even in the summer heat of Miami). I can’t say enough great things about this deodorant. Buying it for all of my female loved ones!

Those are my top eight favorite health and wellness products at the moment! Hope you found something in there you might like to give a try!

Cheers to learning and growing and sharing on our quest for living our best year ever!

– Marlene


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