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Emotional Self Care Strategies – Learn to Give to Yourself

Emotional Self-Care Strategies – Stop Giving to Everyone Else But Yourself Learn to Take Better Care of Yourself Starting with 300 Seconds a Day Are you on your daily to-do list? We go through our days from morning until evening making it all happen. Our normal routine seems to be to complete as many tasks in a day as we humanly can. From the second the alarm clock sounds to the moment we collapse on our pillow at night. Every day, we get ourselves pulled together and we move along…

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Are You Empathetic to a Fault?

Empathetic to a Fault? Learn How to Empathize Without Absorbing Did you ever notice that you can be in the absolute best mood and then someone comes around you who is in a cranky mood and it instantly drags you down? I call this the lowest common mood denominator (LCMD) effect. It’s killer. It has taken me precisely 54.5 years to realize to what extent this affects me – and I have a feeling I’m not the only one. What’s so important about this revelation is it gives us the…

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Setting Small Goals to Achieve Big Ones – Keep It Simple for Success

Setting Small Goals to Achieve Big Ones Keep it simple and set yourself up for success January is a time when many of us make resolutions and set goals. That’s all well and good. A big picture with big goals – a vision for where we want to be in one year, five years or maybe even ten. But often big goals are challenging and moving toward those goals requires successfully achieving smaller goals along the way. This is where many of us fall short, and some of us give…

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The Best Life Coach for You is You – See Why

Learn Why the Best Life Coach You Can Possibly Hire is Yourself No one else is going to provide the level of day-to-day encouragement and motivation you need to live your best life and achieve your personal goals but you. It may be hard to hear or accept but no one else truly gives a hoot! It’s not that your family or friends are selfish jerks, it’s simply that everyone is so (naturally) wrapped up in themselves and their own lives and their own daily must-dos and the dreams in…

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12 Holistic Wellness Tips for Women Over 50

12 Holistic Wellness Tips for Women Over 50 – Part II of the Interview with Dani Segal, PhD If we want to live our best life after 50 and kick some butt on the goals we have for the new year, we need to feel good! I personally prefer to give natural and holistic methods and products a try as a first choice whenever possible, so asking Dani Segal, PhD, Certified Holistic Nutrition Educator/Counselor, for her tips was a natural too! Here is Part II of my interview with Dr.…

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Waiting for College Acceptances: How to Get Through the Anxiety

One of my friends received news last week that her son was accepted to his top choice college on the same day that another friend found out her child received a no. Having been through this college process twice with one child more to go, it reminded me that waiting for college acceptances to come in is much like standing in a line in gym class waiting to be picked for a team.  Except it feels like the whole world watching. It may be exhilarating or devastating, but it’s almost…

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