How to Break Old Patterns that Prevent Growth

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Are your habits keeping you stuck?

Having a hard time figuring out how to make changes in your life that will lead to personal growth and to getting you moving forward taking steps toward your goals?

Whether it’s your health, work, relationships, eating, or any other habits in your life keeping you stuck, there are ways to break old patterns and get momentum going in a positive direction.

Taking time to be mindful and thereby taking notice and thinking about your patterns before you react is key to setting yourself up for change.

Change can be tough. Especially when we’ve operated in a certain way for a long time.

Warning: When we break old patterns and habits that we have worn into stone, that are making it so difficult to switch into a growth lane, it can cause friction.

It makes us feel uncomfortable to step out of what has become routine. It feels awkward, new and scary.

Not only for ourselves, but often for those around us.

The people in our lives, including those that love and support us, often expect us to remain the same as we’ve always been. It feels safe to stay unchanged. People know what to expect from us. We know what to expect from ourselves.

But what if we’re feeling the need the growth?

Deep inside we intuitively know when we need to make changes in our lives, in our habits and patterns, in order to affect the positive changes we desire in our lives.

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw

Learning to be aware of your own thoughts actions and to take responsibility for them is where we begin.

Mindful truths

Taking note of what is holding us suspended and hindering our mobility toward change and growth leads to healing.

“A habit cannot be tossed out the window: it must be coaxed down the stairs a step at a time.” Mark Twain

For healing and change to happen, we need to understand and accept that we alone are responsible for identifying those patterns and habits we want to change.

No one else can take care of what you need to do for yourself as well as you can.

The time for change will never be perfect

Are you waiting for life to be perfect before you begin your growth journey? Waiting – for a child to graduate, to hit a certain goal at work, to reach a particular calendar date or any other specific life event to happen.

Those are all excuses to not get real with yourself.

To avoid the truth and the hard changes. But remind yourself that when you break old patterns, you will eventually feel more alive and fulfilled than you feel today.

Stop procrastinating

It is no longer serving you. Especially not at our age!

Time to pull up the big girl panties and make those hard and uncomfortable changes.

Take the long hard look at your patterns and breath in the courage it takes to break them.

There will be challenging moments.

Moments when you are unsure of the next step, of how to make new actions stick and become habits. Moments when you’re unsure of how to present this new growth journey to those around you. Of how to hold your back up straight and head held high when you face reactions that come from the discomfort of friends or family who may be afraid of these changes in you too.

That courage and strength (along with the big girl panties!) comes when you realize that if you continue to play out the same old, tired, unproductive patterns you’ve been playing for years – maybe even your whole life – you will remain here. Here, where the future you is calling you to leave.

Time to get schooled by your truth. Your authentic truth.

Listen to the voice and energy inside of you that instinctively knows there’s more waiting for you. More joy, more fulfillment, more purpose, more meaning, more abundance, more space for growth.

Stop making excuses.

Stop worrying about how perfect you won’t be.

Stop fearing the judgement and rejection of friends and family.

This is your life. If you haven’t been living it fully, if you haven’t been true to yourself, if you haven’t been continuing to expand the growth of your energy and mind – GET GOING GIRL!

Stop lugging those heavy, low-frequency habits around with you. Cut the strings on that baggage. Strap on your gratitude and optimism power tools. Gather up strength from whatever other tools inspire and heal you (reading, music, exercise, podcasts, books, pinterest, spirituality, vision boards, mentors, etc…)

You deserve more. You are worthy, and enough and more than adequate. It’s your turn start playing big. For yourself.

Cheers to facing our truth and owning the habits that are keeping us from living more fully.

Get moving – break old patterns and get your momentum going in a positive direction!  – Marlene



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2 thoughts on “How to Break Old Patterns that Prevent Growth

  1. Good stuff! I’ve been working on adjusting old patterns and yes, it has its own “friction” to it, but is SO WORTH IT!! Thanks for the wisdom!!!

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