Conquering Self Doubt and Fear

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Are fear and doubt running your life?

When we let fear and self-doubt run our minds, we miss the opportunities that invite us to grow, expand and live our dreams. We get stuck in patterns of limiting ourselves because we allow our thoughts to prevent us from following our heart.

You have unlimited potential inside of you just waiting to be let out. But you keep yourself playing small, ignoring the urges that call you forward. You allow your thoughts to keep you stuck.

Everything you are experiencing right now is a product of your past thoughts.

Whether your thoughts brought you to living fully and purposefully in the direction of your dreams – or whether you’ve let your mind stop you from taking risks.

The answer is evident in how satisfied you are, how much joy you feel, and in how you’re living your life in this moment.

If you want your future to be more aligned with what your heart, mind and spirit genuinely desire, it’s up to you to think those mindfully fruitful thoughts now.

“We have everything we need to go fearlessly forth and seek our destiny in the great unknown. All we need is a little trust.” – Rebecca Winn, One Hundred Daffodils

Thoughts are powerful.

Maybe you’re thinking, that seems nice, but thoughts don’t make things happen in reality; dreams are just fantasies.

But that’s not true.

Where you focus your thoughts increases the chance of manifesting those thoughts in your life.

Think about this: nearly every invention that became a reality started with thoughts.

I’m sure it’s not the first time you’re hearing about affirmations and manifesting. The power of your mind to create reality is so much more profound than most of us dare to believe.

Thoughts don’t just remain thoughts. Thoughts lead to emotions and ultimately to actions.

It’s this simple. You know very well that if you think you can do something, anything, you have a greater opportunity to choose acting toward that thought than if you flat-out think you can’t.

Example – your health. How many times in your life have you thought about wanting to be healthier, fitter, or stronger physically? How many times have you changed your diet, launched into exercise programs, bought new sneakers, decided and mentally committed to taking action?

How many times did you take action (whether you followed through long-term or not)? The answer is many times.

Each time, you had a desire. You thought about the outcome you wanted.

You believed in your mind that you could succeed (or you wouldn’t have taken action in the first place).

“Your thoughts and your feelings create your life.” – Lisa Nichols

Whether or not you ultimately reached your goal is another example of where you’ve allowed your thoughts to take you or stop you.

I guarantee that if you fell short of your goal, it wasn’t because you couldn’t physically continue to choose the proper nutrition and to move your body as you had planned.

You fell short because your MIND GAVE IN to SELF-DOUBT or FEAR

You allowed your bossy pants thoughts to tell you to quit. You let your mind make the decision that it was less risky to quit than to keep going.

You let your thoughts limit you.

You didn’t trust yourself. You let fear and doubt run the show. Run your life.

This pattern shows up again and again in our lives!

It’s why we end up feeling unsatisfied and unsettled with ourselves. Because deep inside, we know we have so much more untapped potential.

“There is a truth deep down inside of you that has been waiting for you to discover it, and that truth is this: you deserve all good things life has to offer.” – Rhonda Byrne, The Secret

We have a deep knowing that we are capable of manifesting what we desire. And we also know that we’ve allowed our minds make us chicken out.

And that, my friends, is a big disconnect between our authentic self who knows on a soul level how much potential we have to manifest what we genuinely desire and the mindless self we’ve allowed to run the show.

I know what you’re thinking. Sometimes we try hard to keep our minds on our side, and we work hard at what we think we want and we still fail.

Failure sometimes happens but it’s always a lesson.

It’s that moment when we can choose how we learn. We can allow our inner critic to give us a big fat told-you-so-you-loser or instead we can choose to examine why we lost. Failure is an invitation to redirect. A chance to reassess. An opportunity to dig a little deeper and understand what we could do differently. A time for reflection and to birth new thoughts.

A chance to celebrate that we tried (some never do).

 “You cannot succeed without believing in yourself, and that belief is completely under your control.” – Karch Kiraly, first American volleyball player to win three Olympic gold medals

And remarkably (or maybe not so surprisingly) we keep going. On the deepest level, it’s the only choice we have.

We rally our thoughts, we rise up, regroup, brush ourselves off and get back up on that manifesting horse. We overcome that self-doubt or fear.

Don’t miss the amazing opportunities to fulfill your deepest desires and dreams by letting fear and doubt run your thoughts.

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.” – Buddha


For the skeptics, I offer this to consider. What harm can it do to focus on that which you desire and the emotions and actions that are necessary to get closer to your goals?

I’d love scientific proof of mindful manifestation working, but I don’t need it to believe it.

There isn’t a super joyful, successful, happy person on the earth who dwells in fear and self-doubt.

There aren’t people who have reached their dreams to climb mountains, start companies, win races, organize charities… who didn’t get there by using the power of their thoughts to propel them forward.

Love is not scientifically “proven” and yet, none of us doubt its power. If love is an unscientific unprovable feeling (but real to all of us), then maybe the magic of your aligned thoughts and feelings are real too.

Quit overthinking it and try it!

Figure out how to keep yourself inspired and motivated and thinking about busting through your limiting thoughts. Use whatever works for you – books, inspiring social media, notes on your mirror, stickers in your wallet, music you love, making a vision board, yoga, running, baking, spirituality, therapy, whatever it takes.

Feed your mind encouragement, train your thoughts to conquer doubt and fear, trust yourself and follow your heart.

– Marlene



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