How to Reshape Your Life in Chapter Two

image of sign with goal plan action words for cheers to chapter two How to Reshape Your Life in Chapter Two

You have the power to reshape your life.

Whatever you wish you could reshape in your life, whether it’s your financial situation, your relationships, your general mood, or even the shape of your health – there are a few basic pieces of the path to get you there. And yes, you can get there.

You can reshape any part of who you are if you can dream of her. 

I’ve been reshaping my life over the past few years. Right after I hit fifty, it started. My desire to change how down I felt. My dream of feeling full of purpose and renewed energy in this next season of life – what I call Chapter Two.

By midlife, many of us feel a little spent.

A little worn down and our propensity to take care of ourselves withers. Maybe it’s been the years of climbing a corporate ladder, or decades of managing a home and raising a family, the ups and (many) downs of marriage or single-hood.

It doesn’t matter what our experiences have been, even if the years have been relatively kind to us – there is no doubt something we all share at this point in life… the desire to reshape some or many parts of our mid-life and beyond. Yep, we dream of the changes we’d like to see… but we struggle get that reshape happening.

Here Is Some Guidance on How to Get Yourself Reshaping 

It’s how I have been (and still am) redesigning my life and how I feel according to what I desire, rather than what I think I have to settle for.

1. Desire Change

The transformational journey to reshaping whatever parts of your life don’t feel like they fit anymore starts with desire.

Do you truly desire to change?

If your desire is there, and continues to nudge you that something needs to change for you to feel happier, more fulfilled, more confident in this season of life – then listen to it! That’s your fierce female intuition speaking to you!

When you feel dissatisfaction and emotional exhaustion, it’s your gut poking you. Telling you to wake up. Whispering (or screaming) to you that there is a deep, normal, natural desire to reshape something in your life.

“Every time you don’t follow your inner guidance,you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual sadness.” – Shakti Gawain

Without listening more closely to your intuitive desires, your yearnings for more – life feels like running on the hamster wheel – busy, exhausting and yet going nowhere.

2. Imagine How You Want Your Life to Be

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Ok, I don’t want to be sappy here – but it’s true. If you have a dream on your heart of a different way you want to feel, to live, to be… then, trust that there’s substance there to act on.

Your imagination is not just a fantasy world, it’s where you imagine what you want for yourself. It’s where you can safely, confidently envision the shape you want for life, your health, your future; all in the privacy of your own mind.

“Everything you can imagine is real.” – Pablo Picasso

Go there! Use your imagination to play out what you want. Now, imagine yourself having it!  The more you see it in your mind, the more real the possibilities become. The more able you are to take the next leap.

3. Have Faith that You Can Reshape Your Life

The next leap is to have faith. The more you desire it and you imagine it, the more faith you build that you can have it and do it. Sounds too simple, but it works.

It’s like your heart is the chef and your gut is her assistant. They whip up the dream of what you truly desire for yourself, and then they feed it to your mind.

This is where your thoughts then either stop you, or propel you forward.

Not to worry, because you’ll see as I did that as you desire and imagination grow bolder, your faith follows like a hungry child trailing behind the yummy smell of freshly baked cookies.

4. Take Action

And when your desire, imagination, and faith are swelling, guess what is likely to happen next? You will take action!

That’s right, when you yearn for change, and you practice envisioning yourself or your situation reshaped the way you’d like, and you pour faith into it being possible – you are very likely to act on whatever needs to happen to get you that transformational shift.

These pieces may lead you to take small steps and actions at first. But not to worry, those little steps lead to bolder, more empowered steps.

Each little action that is aligned with your authentic dreams, your desires, and your deepest wishes, gets you closer to how you want to live.

And getting even a tiny bit closer to the life you want to life is pure magic. The feeling of taking some control over your destiny, over your own happiness and fulfillment, is powerful.

Not only may you surprise yourself as your dedication to your own desires takes shape, but you will likely raise the eyebrow of your partner, family and friends. They may be uncomfortable with the new, bolder move-aside-while-I-begin-reshaping-my-life you.

It’s ok. You’re not responsible for how they perceive your desires, your imagination, your faith and your actions. They will likely hop on the support train once they see how you lit up you are by moving into back into alignment with yourself.

May the Force be with you!

Go forth and reshape whatever parts of your life are draining the life-force out of you! It’s never too late and you’re never too old to learn how to love and take care of yourself! – Marlene



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