Letting Go of What Doesn’t Serve You Anymore

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Letting go of what no longer serves us is challenging, but it’s nearly impossible to keep moving forward and expanding into the life we want, without doing so.

Clearing away self-defeating thoughts, unhealthy habits, suffocating clutter (and sometimes even the company of energy-depleting people that are keeping us stuck) is what we must do if we genuinely want to grow and move forward.

We know we need to do this, so how do we begin?

Start by looking around you and then inward at yourself.

Where are you headed? Is that where you want to go?

Are your beliefs and self-talk helping you achieve what you want or are they keeping you stuck?

Are your daily habits helping you to move closer to your best self or farther away?

Do your possessions represent the person you are today or do they simply keep you anchored to the past?

Examine your answers honestly and decide if you need to do a bit of letting go.

We cannot grow and evolve if we remain stuck and weighed down with what may have served us yesterday, or ten years ago, or maybe since childhood. Or maybe what never really served us at all, but we allowed it to be.

Whether it’s letting go of a fear, or negative self-talk, or letting go of unhealthy habits, or the guilt of taking time for ourselves, or letting go of piles of crap (I call POCs) we have allowed to accumulate and literally suck the oxygen out of our home and lives.

Learn to let some of it go.

If you want more, you know you’ve got to make changes.

Yes. It’s hard.

It requires deliberate, mindful and conscious actions to slowly, or maybe abruptly, shed what no longer serves the evolution of you.

“Close some doors. Not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, but simply because they no longer lead somewhere.” – Paulo Coelho

Planning for the life we desire requires our relentless attention and action.

Change is hard. Gather courage by thinking about surrounding yourself with love and light. Give yourself the compassion and kindness you would show to a child or close friend.

Recognize that no one is going to help you do this work.

It’s up to you to carve out time for your own reflection and to make yourself a priority. Even just five minutes each day as a part of your commitment to change, growth, self-care and to letting some things go.

Make the hard choices.

“In the process of letting go, you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.” – Deepak Chopra

Give yourself permission to get rid of what no longer nurtures the way you want to feel, the thoughts you want to think, the attitude you wish to have, the ability you have to give light to the people you love.

We can’t change everything about our thoughts, our surroundings, our habits or ourselves overnight, but with conscious intention, we can slowly shape how we think, how we want to live, and what the best version of ourselves feels like.

Be mindful of what brings you joy and light and what feels just the opposite. Notice your thoughts and reactions.

Taking slow and maybe small, but determined actions to remove, avoid, repel or let go of those things is the next step.

Breathe. Let go. Remind yourself that you have choices and that this very moment is the one that matters.

“Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop.” – Rumi

Open yourself up to what you desire, to manifesting positive intentions and to embracing new opportunities that can lead to being your best self.

Cheers to letting go of what no longer serves us so that we can make space for what does.

– Marlene


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4 thoughts on “Letting Go of What Doesn’t Serve You Anymore

  1. I find it so interesting that many of us don’t discover some of these important concepts until we have lived a lotta life!! Yes, letting go is so freeing!!!

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