image of woman with arms upraised in the sunshineLearning to let go and move on

Learning How to Let Go and Move On

How to Let Go and Move On Life is always changing. Sometimes it brings positive shifts that are easy to embrace, but sometimes change can be challenging. We all take comfort when we feel like our life has a sense of routine to it. We feel safe when life seems predictable, when we know what to expect, when we know our role and when we can depend on those around us to know theirs. Changes that we choose and make intentionally are also easier to accept and remain steady with.…

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woman jumping for joy how to have your own back and excited about life again

How to Have Your Own Back and Get Excited About Life Again

You say you’re fine, but you’re really not. It’s like an automatic reply message when someone asks how you’re doing. You respond instantly saying you’re good, you’re ok, everything is fine. I’d like you to think about whether you’re moving through your days feeling as fulfilled, open-hearted, and satisfied as you’d like to be. Exactly. I feel you. You’re not as good, ok, and fine as you pretend to be! You think this is just the way it is. This is your lot in life. You accept the restrictions and…

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Image of letters spelling self care for Self Care Habits for Wellbeing in Good Times and Bad

Self Care Habits for Wellbeing in Good Times and Bad

Self-Care Habits for Wellbeing in Good Times and Bad Using your happy days to prepare for your hard days seems like a waste of energy, right? But it’s when the seas are calm, and things are going well that you can build a sturdy life raft to get through the storms.  People shutter the windows and prepare their home before the storm to ride it out as safely as possible with as little damage as possible. Not that you should be waiting for doom, but let’s be real, life happens.…

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Main Image for Cheers 2 Chapter 2 You Have To Find Happiness Within Yourself

What to Do Instead of New Year’s Resolution

What to Do Instead of New Year’s Resolution Here we are at the start of a brand-new spanking year! It’s the idea of a “fresh start” and an opportunity to do things better than you’ve done before that make setting new year’s resolutions seem so appealing… but I’m going to tell you not to, why not to, and what to do instead of new year’s resolutions this year. First, the truth. New year’s resolutions don’t usually work. You know I’m a positive glass-half-full kind of gal, but I’ve got to…

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How to Stop Overwhelming Yourself – Keep It Simple Woman looking happy and calm

How to Stop Overwhelming Yourself – Keep It Simple

How to Stop Overwhelming Yourself Keep it Simple These last few weeks I’ve been feeling intense, heavy energy. Maybe it’s partly the pressures of the holiday season closing in, maybe it’s partly the melancholy I feel every December – or maybe it’s something bigger and beyond me – like how complicated and overwhelming we’ve designed our lives to be. If you’re feeling a similar heaviness in your energy that is showing up as feeling fatigued, less motivated than usual, maybe not sleeping well at night – and you know you’re…

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Empowerment Challenge

A 30 Day Empowerment Challenge to Prepare for the New Year

With less than 30 days left in the year, it’s time to get into gear to end this year strong and move into 2022 feeling more empowered. Maybe you made resolutions at the start of the year that haven’t quite held up, but those goals are still on your priority list. Things like improving your health, getting better sleep, improving your finances, are big over-arching goals and sometimes it’s harder to achieve those big goals because they’re too general and seem impossible. So, in these last days of the year,…

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