A 30 Day Empowerment Challenge to Prepare for the New Year

Empowerment Challenge

With less than 30 days left in the year, it’s time to get into gear to end this year strong and move into 2022 feeling more empowered.

Maybe you made resolutions at the start of the year that haven’t quite held up, but those goals are still on your priority list. Things like improving your health, getting better sleep, improving your finances, are big over-arching goals and sometimes it’s harder to achieve those big goals because they’re too general and seem impossible.

So, in these last days of the year, how let’s kick start our mojo and focus instead on smaller, more specific, more attainable daily action items that will set us up to feel more empowered. Hitting 30 small goals will put us in a better mindset to head into the new year feeling hopeful, instead of looking back at where we didn’t meet our January expectations.

Hence, I suggest a 30-Day Empowerment Challenge!

Grab your planner or a plain sheet of paper or a notebook page and grid out or in mark up 31 days of December. It could be a simple as making a list numbered 1 through 31.

At the top of the page, choose and write down three words that describe how you want to feel as you move into the new year. i.e., hopeful, optimistic, focused, tuned in, excited, empowered, calm.  Remember, these should describe how you want to feel, not a specific goal you want to reach (like losing 4 pounds would be).

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.” – Carol Burnett

Now, write a simple, small, executable, not unreasonable, clear action you will take each day that will lead to a feeling of empowerment and optimism at the end of the month. Keep it super simple so you will have zero excuses about why you didn’t follow through.

30 Day Challenge, Sample Ideas

Here is an example of what the thirty days of empowered action might look like if your goal was to start 2022 feeling calm, optimistic, and hopeful.

  1. Follow along and complete a 5-minute guided breathwork video (you’ll find hundreds for free on youtube).
  2. Commit to one day of no sugar. You know sugar makes you feel gross… try a day without it. New habits lead to new results.
  3. Take a day off from overthinking. Pick a subject that’s making you anxious (maybe it’s holiday gift giving) and refuse to over analyze it. Set a budget and make the decisions easier for yourself. i.e., everyone on my list is getting a plant this year. Your gifts don’t have to clear out your bank account – it’s truly the thought that counts. Think about how little someone you love has to give you this season to make you feel their love. You don’t need them to hand over the Hope Diamond to feel cared about. Exactly!
  4. Do a new moon celebration. Look up and out at the night sky and remind yourself that you are magic and connected to the Divinity of the moon, the stars, and the universe in ways you may never fully understand – like the infinity of the skies.
  5. Set a hard boundary for one day. i.e., I will not allow my (partner, boss, mother, co-worker) upset me today. I will recognize their negative energy and shield myself from it by politely disengaging from their behavior or conversation.  Mmmnnnn, right? How did THAT feel? Could you do that more often?
  6. Limit caffeine for one day, or another unhealthy vice. Just one day, to see how you feel. To know you do have control over your habits if you truly want to.
  7. Google quantum entanglement and contemplate the mysteries of quantum physics. This is proof that there is more to life happening beyond what we can see or understand.
  8. Send a thank you email, text, or note to someone who wouldn’t expect it. Sending out positivity to others attracts more of the same back to yourself. Trust that giving is receiving. You will feel amazing doing this. Proof that feeling good is possible if you’re in the right mindset.
  9. Buy or rent from a library an inspirational book of any kind. Faith based, or true story of overcoming obstacles, or self-help, etc. Read one chapter and let that sit. Or, if you like how you felt, commit to reading for five minutes each day.
  10. Step outside and touch nature with your hands on (tree, ground, pine branch, rock, whatever) for a few minutes. Grounding in nature is calming and can give you an energetic reset.
  11. Start a Pinterest board of how you want to feel at the end of the next year. Pin images in that board that make you feel happy. Not material or goal-oriented, just images that evoke that feeling that lights you up. (i.e., pics of the ocean, puppies, home décor, travel destinations, snowy scenes… whatever floats your boat. Be dreamy about it, don’t overthink.)
  12. Write down a few words about what it means to you to have faith. Just a sentence of how it feels to have faith. Look back at this sentence throughout the day.
  13. Take a day off from social media, or at least a half day. Notice how you feel. Sometimes if we’re not carefully curating our social media feeds, it can depress or drain us energetically. Who you follow on social media should inspire you, educate you, or make you feel a sense of peace. Anything you are regularly “feeding” your eyes and mind with that brings out feelings of jealousy, irritation, anger, or low self-worth are hurting your energy.
  14. Buy yourself fresh flowers. Could be just one single mum, you don’t have to break the bank to feel the energy and beauty of nature in your home or at your desk.
  15. Move. Commit to five minutes of physical stretching or walking (indoors counts).
  16. Take five minutes to be quiet and alone with yourself. I’d say meditate, but that throws some people off. Meditation is nothing more than getting quite with yourself. Set your phone time on for 5 minutes, turn off notifications, get cozy in your car or couch or wherever…. Close your eyes. Take several slow deep breaths and try to think of absolutely nothing. That won’t happen, of course, because our minds are such chatterboxes… but just try. See how you feel.
  17. Seek knowledge. Look up ways to get better sleep, or balance your nutrition, or learn how to invest… whatever you think is an area you want to improve and makes you feel good and choose ONE thing from the list you discover to do TODAY. Just one small change or tweak or even tidbit of knowledge can trigger the flow of more positive actions in the future.
  18. Do a full moon celebration. Write down something that you want to let go of and release. On another piece of paper, write down what you want to invite into your life. Burn or rip up the first “let it go” paper and slip the “welcome in” paper into your planner or wallet as a reminder of what you desire to manifest.
  19. Have a gray day. Meaning, don’t force issues to be black or white. Let there be a gray area on this day. Shrug your shoulders and admit that you don’t know all the answers. Your opinion is a perspective. Facts aren’t always facts. There is such a thing as fake news. Today, don’t fall for any of it. Things don’t have to be all good or all bad. You’re not either perfect or a total failure! Try to enjoy neutrality and middle ground – just for this one day. How does it feel to get less attached to a sharp opinion?
  20. Think of one thing that you overcame in this past year. Something you thought, “there’s no way it will work” but you made it happen. It can be a small win, but a win is still a win. Feeling optimistic and hopeful is a like a muscle; it needs to be flexed and exercised to grow stronger.
  21. Listen to music today, if this is not something you do often. In the car, or in the kitchen… blast something that makes you want to tap your foot or full out dance. There’s a time for slow, sentimental music – but it may not be helpful when you’re trying to feel energized, optimistic, and empowered.
  22. Write down five things you value today. They have to be free to make the list, meaning, they can’t be “bought” at a store. You will find the things in life that can’t be bought with money have the most value to you. Abundance is a feeling. It’s not the balance in your bank account, the car you drive, the rings on your fingers. Considering what you value moves you into gratitude, and that energy is empowering.
  23. Laugh today. Commit to seeking out funny, absurd, silly sources today. No tv or internet news. Watch a funny movie, google funny memes or jokes, talk to fun, happy people. Tell a funny story to someone or think of a funny story and laugh to yourself. Intentionally shield your energy from downers for this one day. Walk away from negativity, refuse to listen to others whine or complain for this one day. Do this for to yourself!! See if you feel differently as you lay your head on the pillow tonight.
  24. Unfollow ten social media accounts that subliminally or quite obviously, irritate, depress, or upset you. You don’t need to see those accounts. They don’t deserve space in your head. They are not helping you feel the way you want to feel. Get over the fear of missing out and let them go.
  25. Have a “no blame” day. On this day, refuse to blame yourself or anyone else for things that happen. Even, or especially, when there may be cause to blame. Set the intention to release the need to lay blame. Let it roll off you, forgive and excuse yourself and others, just for this one day. It’s hard, but it’s so empowering to stop blaming!
  26. Touch a plant in your home or office or wherever. This is a little way to help ground your energy. Plants are living things. They are living their own happy, simple, little lives. Tap into that energy of simplicity. Life doesn’t have to be as overcomplicated and as chaotic as we allow it to be. It’s a mindset.
  27. Give positive affirmations a try. Write a few of your own or start with these. Seems hokey if you’ve never tried it, but positive affirmations or encouraging self-talk works on shifting mindset and thinking patterns that have been programmed into you and need to be revised if you are ever going to feel better.
  28. Commit to stop complaining about anything for one entire day. And I mean anything! Not one tiny little complaint will escape your lips today. See how that feels. Hard, right? When you complain, you are focusing your thoughts on negativity. In those moments, you are sending the universe the message that you want more of that. The less you complain, I promise, the better you will feel.
  29. Schedule a self-care appointment for the first week of January. Whatever makes you feel cared for in some way. Whether it’s a manicure, massage, dental cleaning, therapist, girls night out, spa night at home, an energy clearing, or decluttering a closet (your self-care is unique to you).
  30. Write down 10 things that happened in 2021 that were fun, happy, or positive. Need ideas? Scroll through your phone photos.
  31. Write down 10 things that you are looking forward to happening/doing in 2022. Start a journal habit and get ready to manifest a year of feeling amazing!

Ok, so that was a month of sample ideas if you want to feel calm, optimistic, and hopeful, but you can come up with 30 simple daily actions to help you feel whatever way you want to start the new year. Don’t feel like creating a list for yourself? Print this one out and use it for the 31 days! <3

Any month is a perfect time to get your mindset ducks in a row, but an empowerment challenge as we prepare for a new year is especially fun!

Whatever you do, don’t use these last weeks of the year to fret about the bills or the latest variant of illness going around. Those will be there anyway, they are out of your control. Focus on empowering yourself to feel the way you want to feel as you move into a brand new year full of possibilities!

“She remembered who she was and the game changed.” – Lalah Delia

It may seem that it’s a month of self-centeredness, but the truth is, when you can get yourself feeling better and refill your optimism tank, it ripples out to affect everyone around you. 

You are then in a better emotional place to make decisions for your highest good, tap into more creativity, be more tolerant of irritation, and cope better with inevitable stresses.

Self-care is the gift that keeps on giving.

When your mind and emotions are balanced and well, you are that much more able to have compassion for others, including your family and community, and there’s nothing selfish about that.

So, I hereby challenge YOU to create and carry out a month of small but powerful actions! Cheers to an empowered, high vibe new year! – Marlene



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