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Have you ever stopped to think about how powerful your words are?

The ones you speak, write and maybe most important of all, the ones you speak in your head.

I’m making the case for you to pay closer attention to the words you use and how they are affecting you. They may be either dragging you down and draining you, or when used more thoughtfully and intentionally, be a source of support and empowerment.

If you’ve followed along with my blog for a while, you know how I feel about affirmations – writing, journaling, reading and/or speaking positive statements that affirm or reinforce how you want to feel.

“Our words have power. They impact others, but they also impact us.” – Michael Hyatt, author, leadership development

Affirmations are wonderful aids to improving your mindset, but I’m asking you to examine the words you’re using throughout your day. When you’re in your head thinking about your day, about your bills, your life, your job, your health, or any number of the millions of subjects our minds race through on any given day… or hour, for that matter.

When you think (write, text, email, speak), are you frequently using negative words that describe what you fear, worry, judge, regret, and using words that depict everything you don’t want to feel or bring into your life?

Examples: I need new sheets but I’m too broke for that right now. We really need to eat more vegetables but I’m too stressed to worry about that today. It’d be nice to plan a vacation but the pandemic could fire up again anytime now so I shouldn’t make any plans for fun. You really aggravate me because you never listen to what I’m asking you to do.

Even though these words (in thought, spoken, or written) may be well-meaning or feel true, they set your mental position in negative, draining, defeated and powerless state.

Your words carry energy.

There are ways to begin reframing your internal and external dialogue using constructive words that subconsciously place you back in the seat of your own power. I’m not suggesting you try to trick yourself or others with disingenuous commentary. More, I’m trying to get you to notice how your negative words are making you (and those who read or hear them) feel lousier than necessary.

Negative, judgmental, accusatory, or defeated words don’t help anything or anyone. You can still be truthful, authentic, and honest with yourself and others and use language that puts you in the driver’s seat of the situation. Helping to recognize that you are, indeed, the captain of your own ship, the person making the choices every single minute about how you feel.

Your words are one of the simplest and most frequent opportunities you have to take your mindset and mood by the reins; a chance to shift your perspective using better words comes by nearly every moment.

“Language creates reality. Words have power. Speak always to create joy.” – Deepak Chopra, bestselling author, philanthropist

You have the power to stop yourself before you speak, or catch yourself mid thought, when you’re choosing words that don’t serve you or your goals.

If your goal is to feel good, to be in peace, to feel safe and supported, to be seen and heard, to improve your day, life, situation – then choose your words according to your goals, rather than using them to describe and multiply feelings what you don’t want more of.

Change your words, change how you feel.

Changing your words can be step one to creating what you desire. They have the power to elevate your energy and shift your experience. Choosing empowering and hope-filled words can change your outlook, your attitude, and your ability to see solutions more often, instead of only seeing problems.

“We must believe in the power and strength of our words. Our words can change the world.” – Malala Yousafzai, activist and Nobel Prize laureate

Take a look at the areas of your life where you are frequently using negative words that are not serving you. What words can you use instead to help you feel that you have choices, even when on the surface, it feels like you don’t. Where can you choose high vibe wording which will raise your positive energy and change the entire tone of your inner or external conversation?

But it feels good to grumble.

I get it, it feels good to complain sometimes and have ourselves a good ol’ pity party. It’s like a good cry – sometimes that full emotional unload helps us go down low so we can bounce back up again. But that’s only occasionally. And truthfully, does it really feel good to grumble and complain? Or is the part where you cheer yourself back up where the good feeling comes in?

Examine your daily run-of-the-mill words. Look at your ten most recent texts. How many positive words did you use versus negative? How many opportunities did you take to pump yourself or others up with genuinely supportive, encouraging words rather than commiserating or griping? Mmmmhhhhmmmm.

Here are the example sentences used above reframed in a more high-vibe, positively energized way:

I need new sheets but I’m too broke for that right now… becomes – I want new sheets because they make me sleep more comfortably so I’m going to budget for them and buy them within the next month because the quality of my sleep is worth it.

We really need to eat more vegetables but I’m too stressed to worry about that today… becomes – Eating more vegetables is important for my immunity and overall health and can be simple. I’m going to see how I can plan for fewer meat-based meals and more greens this week.

It’d be nice to plan a vacation but the pandemic could fire up again anytime now so I shouldn’t make any plans for fun…becomes – It really makes me happy and it’s good for my mental health to take time away for travel so I’m going to plan a weekend away this summer. End of story.

You really aggravate me because you never listen to what I’m asking you to do… becomes – I love when you hear me and respect me by doing what I’ve asked – thank you for that.

Or even becomes – My energy is precious to me so I left a note on the table when you’re ready to read it…. It makes the point, saves your energy and is less “pick a fight” than using snipey, accusatory, angry words.

Boundaries, my friends. Don’t give your peace away.

Switch up your words, shift your tone, take back your power – give it a try!

“There is power in words. What you say is what you get.” – Zig Zigler, bestselling author & motivational speaker

Try noticing your words. Try swapping the negative and shifting toward creative problem-solving and self-empowering words. Witness how by doing so you begin to feel more hopeful and in control – and how the reaction of others usually becomes more constructive and uplifted as well. They can’t argue when you’re so dang word-positive!

Word games?

Are we simply playing “mind games” with ourselves? Maybe – but if you keep it honest, it works! Words matter! Choosing to playfully experiment with shifting how you feel using the power of your words can be a worthwhile “game” changer!  – Marlene



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