Clear Your House of Negative Energy with a Good Spring Cleaning

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Clear Your House of Negative Energy with a Good Spring Cleaning

Springtime is the perfect season for cleaning up, for clearing out and for inviting in the energy of renewal. If you’re like me, you’re feeling called to do more than simply tidy and dust this spring.

It feels like high time for an intentional clearing, a marked event, a season-spurred shift, a remembering – of who we truly are.  Who we are beneath and beyond all the material things we’ve stored, stashed, and collected.

Decluttering and stepping into authenticity

Are you the woman you were fifteen years ago when you wore that dress that’s still hanging in the back of your closet? I doubt it. Will you ever wear that dress again? Nope, you know you won’t. Yet you keep it hanging around, taking up space, creating stagnant energy in your closet. Literally pressing into the physical and energetic space that could be held open for something new. For who you are today and who you are becoming as you (ironically) journey toward being more you than you’ve been in decades!

“Spring cleaning can be extra effective when you put emphasis on clearing your home to make way for more flow and ease.” – Dana Claudat, Feng Shui Master,

How many things… objects, books, magazines, shoes, decorations, and clusters of memorabilia, do you allow to take up precious space in your home and in your life? Is it time to ask yourself why you are holding on to them instead of clearing them out to welcome new energy?

Dig a little deeper as to why you are holding on to the old

I believe our why is worthy of examination and excavation.

Spring cleaning can uncover more than a film of dust. It can lead us to the deeper why. Why we hang on to so many material things. It’s as if we’re afraid that if we let them go, give them away or otherwise release them, we are somehow erasing what they represented. We fear the attachment we have to the object, the emotion, and the memory it brings us, will disappear along with the object if we were to let it go.

A spring wake-up call to let go of material objects

The truth is that we don’t need objects to help us remember how we feel. Yes, some of our feelings shift and change over time, but many of our emotional memories last a lifetime.

Do I need to keep three boxes of mementos in my basement that belonged to my late mother to remember who she was and what she meant to me? Nope. I’ll hold her love and the essence of who she was within me until I take my last breath. There isn’t a physical thing that would make me feel any more or less emotion about my memories of her. And if I were left with not a single physical “reminder” of her, it wouldn’t change the depth or many facets of the relationship we had, it wouldn’t weaken the impression she made on me.

The same goes for holding on to all the papers, the books, the artwork; all the things that we cling to because we’re deeply afraid to feel a sense of lack. A deep-seated fear of experiencing a lack of things we collect, lack of interests, lack of love, lack of meaning, lack of money, lack of proof that our lives have had any meaning.

Gasping for space

While we cling tightly to our possessions, not only are they unnecessary for truly bringing us any real connection to the abundance we seek, but they also suffocate us, bringing negative energy to our house and our lives.

“To put things in order means to put your past in order too.” – Marie Kondo, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Things take up physical and energetic space within our living space and ourselves. They are like energy-sucking drains. Pulling us in, pulling our energy and emotions into the past. Whether the object’s past was two weeks ago or two decades ago, it’s the past. It’s over. That moment has lived, was enjoyed, or not, was experienced, and it’s gone. No accumulation of “stuff” can bring it back.

No time like the present to clear out the negative energy

Spring has long been the season for deep cleaning of our homes. Maybe it’s because those of us in the colder climates can finally open our windows and literally “clear the air” that has been stagnant in the house. But I think symbolically, spring is a prompt for us to clear out stale old energy and past emotions that we cling to so we can make space for renewed energy and emotions we want to attract into our lives.

Spring is in the air

I’ll be you can feel it. That you’re ready and it’s time to let some things go. It’s the right season to release and repurpose excess material items, collected memorabilia, and the associated energetic hold they keep on your life.

Again, this release and therapeutic act of clearing out and intentionally letting go won’t wipe your memories away. This isn’t the movie Men in Black.

What you treasure in your heart remains forever, with or without the material reminders. Consider that keeping all those items in your home that bring back the negative energy of promises unkept, of trauma and hurt, of disappointment and unmet expectations can be blocking you healing. Why are choosing to keep those energies near you?

Like the good times, you won’t forget those thoughts and memories either. You don’t need boxes of stuff and overstuffed shelves to remember what your past held.

Whether you approach this kind of energetic spring clearing as a tidy-up decluttering exercise or as deeper spring cleanse of suffocating and stagnant energy from your living space, the results will be similar.

“Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discard, find harmony.” – Albert Einstein

You may feel intense emotions as you purge and release belongings. But you will ultimately feel lighter. Freer. Refreshed and renewed.

You can now cherish and enjoy what you’ve kept even more. You can find peace and comfort in having more open space around you, in your closet or basement or shelves. You may feel a deeper understanding that who you have been and all that you’ve experienced – will always be within you.

You don’t need piles of stuff throughout your house to know who you are!

Instead of feeling like you’re lost and drowning in the middle of all your things, you’ll feel more grounded and centered, more powerful. You’ll feel a sense of openness, clarity, and rebirth.

Clearing your physical and energetic space of the stuffy past opens you up to welcome new experiences and emotions that are happening today or in your future.

Nature does it best

Kind of like the spring bulbs pushing their way up through the dark soil, pushing up through what’s left of the past season’s weathered and wilted growth. Those flowers are focused on the present. They don’t weep for the past nor try to hold on to what they were in seasons past. They grow and rejoice in the full glory of what they are right now. And as should we!

Cheers to a powerful spring clearing of your house and self and a renewed flow of positive, good energy.   – Marlene


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