How Do You Know Your Purpose

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How Do You Know Your Purpose

Many go through life without ever questioning or truly knowing their purpose. Maybe they are the lucky ones.

The sensitive souls, like you and me, can’t help but to have days when we question it all. Times when nothing seems to make sense and our purpose seems blurry, if it even exists at all.

“The marvelous thing about a question is that it shapes our identity as much by the asking as it does by the answering.” – David Whyte, poet

My mission today is to reassure you.  To share with you some context that I hope brings comfort and may inspire a shift in your perspective about your purpose when you’re in moments of doubt.

“You are a note in an amazing symphony.” – Dr. Cassie Huckaby, Naturopathic Doctor

That quote sums up the truth. The song of this world right in this moment could never be as beautiful or perfectly in harmony without you.

You are one link in an infinite chain of beings. One link in a chain, as seen through its eyes if you will, might feel insignificant. It might feel it wouldn’t matter should it disappear and not exist. But because you can see the “bigger picture”, you are able to clearly see the whole of the chain would be nothing at all if not for every link.

We don’t often have the ability to see the bigger picture, to step back a distance and see the whole of the chain or to hear the wholeness of the musical symphony within which we are each a single note.

We may not know our purpose or significance, but just as we can’t explain the significance of every flower, or bug, or bird or star in the sky, we shouldn’t conclude insignificance. Not finding the answers, the meaning or purpose, does not mean the important connections to the other links in the chain are not there.

The mystery of purpose

We can agree that much about our purpose, about life and the universe at large, remains a mystery.

You are a miraculous mystery. An incredibly significant mystery. We all are. Each living thing a piece in the chain. A note in the symphony. A star in the cosmos.

So, the challenge is to trust. Trust that there is meaning where you don’t see it. That there is significance to your life, especially when you feel small, powerless, and disconnected. You don’t have to know or understand your purpose, you just need to trust that it exists.

Not quite convinced you actually have a real purpose?

Look around at the many unexplained, seemingly magical, mysteries of nature. Whether you feel it or not, you are a part of the natural world. We are not separate from the birds, the fish, the bees, the trees, the oceans.

You are nothing less than a vital link in the chain. A thread in the tapestry. You are critical to the very weave of life around you.

You are a piece of now that is connected to all that ever was before you and all that will ever be after you.

You are leaving your mark whether you recognize it or not. In the smile you give to your child, the hug you give to your mother, the wave you give to a stranger. It’s all connected through chains of energy. There is a purpose to your life.

Embrace and rejoice in the symphony, in the chain, in your place in the weave of the fabric – in the purpose that you serve that you may never even know. Surrender to trusting that it’s no less important just because you can’t see it.

Want even more proof of your purpose?

Think of the sun. There she sits alone in the sky. Maybe she feels lonely, purposeless, and like no one would miss her should she disappear one day.

Maybe she can’t see us. To see and know how much we love her, rely on her, need her… wait for her to appear every single morning, adore her as she sets at night, long for her during the dark night, admire her beauty as we bathe in her warmth.

We feel her from such an incredible distance. Though we can’t see how connected we are to her, to the energy she emits to us, beyond calling it daylight.

She could reasonably think as she hangs alone in the sky so far away from anything she might feel connected to, that she is useless and pointless.

We can’t send her love notes, or text her, or hug her to show her how much we need her and are grateful for her. She may have no idea what her purpose is, yet she shines and warms millions. She grows our food, literally sustains our lives in many ways.

She might not see where she fits in the chain nor that she has any purpose at all.

But she couldn’t be farther from the truth.

She glows and shines, rises, and sets, burns with quiet but powerful trust and faith.

Whether or not she will ever truly know how important, vital, and loved she is, doesn’t matter.

That she exists is purpose enough.

Which might be how you feel sometimes. Forgetting or not seeing how connected and necessary you are to so much around you.

Like her, we don’t have to know exactly who needs us. We don’t have to hear loving words, or feel hugs of love and appreciation, or accomplish impressive tasks, to know that we have purpose. To understand that we each represent one piece in a big-ass jigsaw puzzle.  Every single piece, each and every one of us, has no more or less significance than any other piece.

“The purpose of this life and all its experiences is not to make ourselves what we think we should be. It is to unfold who we already are.” – Gary Zukav, The Seat of the Soul

May you, like the sun, continue to shine and warm those living around you, whether they be family, strangers, creatures, or plants. Even if you feel alone and purposeless. No, especially when you feel that way.

Trust the significance of your purpose, existence, and connection to the timeless chain, to the big, beautiful symphony – especially when you want to question it.


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