How to Start Feeling Better Mentally and Physically

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5 Simple Steps to Improve How Your Feel Overall

Much of how you move through your day is based on how you feel. The perspective you have of yourself, and your life is colored through the lens of how good or how awful you feel in that moment.

So, finding simple ways to feel better not only improves the quality of your day, but can have a powerfully compounding positive impact on how you feel over time.

Whether you are not feeling your best because of physical ailments or emotional overwhelm and stress, there are practical, simple ways to start feeling better. How? Here are five steps to try that will help improve how you feel mentally and physically. Practice one or a few of them, over time, and you will be well on your way to improving your sense of control over your own wellness.

1. Plant seeds of hope.

You have to believe feeling better is possible. So many times, people unconsciously decide to give up. They just accept that they are in pain, or broke, or unhealthy, or lonely, or sad and they stop right there. They feel powerless and the concept of feeling better – from either a mental or physical standpoint – seems impossible. But it never is.

All you need to start the journey to feeling better is a little bit of hope. And where can you get that? Look around! There are gobs of examples of people who have helped themselves go from feeling miserable or sad to overcoming and even to flourishing.

Google search examples of people who have successfully healed whatever it is that is bothering you. I’m not talking magic mushrooms here. If you can muster hope, you can help yourself. It may require dramatic long-term action to get to how you want to feel, but don’t be discouraged. The biggest mightiest oak starts from a tiny little seed. You can start with the seed of hope. Take some teeny tiny positive actions, and positivity snowballs from there.

2. Protect your energy.

You know that person in your life that always seems to drain your energy… the one who just seems to suck the life force right out of you? The one who spoils your mood, nearly every time, with their complaints, negativity, or neediness. Often, we can’t avoid that person entirely (that might be nice, but it’s not realistic!).

So, awareness is key here. You know how they make you feel after you interact with them. Set out to take a small but powerful “action” to shield your energy, to protect your mood and emotions from being dragged down. You can be compassionate and still stand your ground. You can listen, but not feel the need to fix their issues. You can have empathy, but not absorb their troubles and negativity as your own.

Try to take the small action of envisioning a bubble of white sparkling energy around you, setting the intention in your mind that the bubble of light protects you from the effects of the energy vampire. You can still be loving and kind to this person, but not allow them to stick a virtual spigot into your heart and drain out the positive mojo you’ve so carefully nurtured.

3. Get outside.

It doesn’t matter what part of the world you live in or what the weather is like, get outside. Even a few minutes a day if that’s all you can manage. It’s a simple, practical, and vital action to improve your overall mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual, well-being. Being outdoors is a full sensory experience. From seeing the sky, stars, birds, trees, to smelling the air, to feeling the cool wind, humidity, or sunshine, to hearing the sounds of insects or rain or children playing, to touching the grass, or rocks, or dirt, or snow… there is a perfection and ease to nature all around us that permeates our spirit.

Nature is such a beautiful example of how effortless living can be. There doesn’t have to be negativity surrounding our everyday struggles. It’s all perspective. Would you say that a bee struggles to collect pollen? Or can you see that its effort is simply a natural part of its life, which ultimately contributes to its purpose?

Think about how you are standing on a big ball we call earth, which is spinning in an infinite universe. If that isn’t kind of mind-blowingly amazing, what makes you think you are any less amazing? You are, after all, a part of this magical universe too. Being outside can help shift your perspective to seeing how your small actions can create momentum, like water narrowing into a rushing creek. Your small actions add up to having big impact and desirable results on whatever is troubling you. The ease and momentum of taking action can be more effortless than you have been imagining. And you can begin to shift your perspective of your mental and physical issues by seeing where you fit into the bigger universal plan at play – simply by stepping outside each day.

4. Stop planning and do it.

It takes incredible motivation to make dramatic changes to your daily life. And when we’re feeling down that level of motivation is usually hard to round up. So, look to start with one small positive action you can take, so small that it almost feels insignificant, and commit to doing it. I could list hundreds of examples here, but you need to look at your biggest complaints and the sources of what is making you feel less than your best. Whatever that issue or source is, I’ll bet you already know what small action you can take to improve it, even the teeniest tiniest bit.

Personal example to illustrate the point – I know I need a certain number of hours of sleep or I’m super cranky the next day, but I don’t often commit to making sleep happen. I get involved reading or watching Netflix and the next thing I know; I’m heading to bed later than I know I should. My small action is to set an alarm on my phone to remind me to call it quits at a certain hour. I label the alarm “More Sleep/Less Cranky” to cut right to the chase of why I know this is an action I need to take because I want the desired outcome (less crankiness!).

Maybe your small action might be to open your snail mail in the mornings instead of at the end of the day because you recognize your anxiety over the bills impacts you mentally, ruining the peace of your evening downtime. Maybe your small action, or new habit, will be a five minute walk each day. The cumulative gain and the ripple effect of intentionally moving your body each day can be powerful. 

5. Go within.

Once you’ve drummed up some hope, fended off energy vampires, stepped outdoors more regularly, chosen a small action to take, it’s time to go within. Going within is where you hold space for yourself. It’s where you reconnect with the inner child, the wholeness of who you are beneath the physical body, the trauma, the experiences, the expectations you have.

Taking a few minutes each day to be with yourself, to accept who and where you are in life, to acknowledge that you haven’t been feeling great and that you care enough about the rest of your life to take some action. It’s only by going within yourself mentally that you can admit the desire to feel better is there.

It’s within where you find the courage to do what it takes to improve your life, heal your physical body, release the addictions, and step out of a negative cycle. It’s within that you will find the power to help yourself feel better. And it is within where you will remember that you deserve it.

Here’s your tough love: feeling better is up to you.

Taking a small action, even just one each day, can be the impetus to get on the track to feeling empowered about improving how you feel. There is hope for feeling better. You can better your physical and mental health, your mood, your overall well-being.

Starting with even a few actions each week adds up and compounds over time to make a significant impact on how you feel. You do have the power to help yourself feel better. You have so much more power than you give yourself credit for. If you don’t feel as good as you’d like to, examine what’s going on. Consider what physical or emotional disfunction you are suffering from and find a small action to improve it. Setting intentions is life-changing my friend!

This is your life and you are worthy of feeling mentally and physically better. Don’t wait for things to get worse, get on your way today!


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