Can Positive Affirmations Improve Your Life?

Midlife Positive Affirmations

If you’re like me, you have plenty of moments (sometimes entire days) when you’re feeling like poop about yourself and the possibility of ever reaching your goals seems slim.

Lately, I’ve been reading more and more about the power of positive affirmations. Affirmations are simply a supportive way to speak to ourselves. With all the challenges and changes that come with midlife, we sure could use someone speaking nicely to us, right? Well, it might as well be ourselves!

I believe that our language and thoughts can strengthen our belief in ourselves and lead to positive change. I’m giving this a try and I want to share it with you.

Affirmations are based on the power of positive thinking.

There are numerous books and sources that point to the power of repeating positive and empowering statements to ourselves resulting in actually manifesting happiness, wealth and even physical well-being. I’m not certain there is scientific proof of this but I think it’s definitely worth the minimal effort it requires.

After all, there’s no downside to giving it a try – it can only help.

Positive affirmations are believed to influence our subconscious mind and bring about changes in our attitude. Since our minds don’t have an off-switch and can often be filled with self-sabotaging negativity (which never helps anyone) – why not give positive affirmations a chance?

So how to get started?

Write down a few brief positive statements that are meaningful to you, for example I choose to be happy or I am worthy.  Repeat them to yourself at least once daily (out loud if you dare!) and keep your affirmations visible during the day (i.e. on your desk, phone lock screen, fridge, bathroom mirror…) if possible.

Ok, so I know it may seem a little hokey, but what if it works?!

What if you really can begin to affect positive change in your life by speaking affirmations?! At the very least, it’s a great approach to crowding out the self-doubt that takes up space in our minds.

Midlife is the perfect time to step up your flow of positive mojo.

When you get here, you realize it’s not the time in life to slow down that you thought it was going to be. Nope. Whatever your dreams, goals, aspirations or desires may be – there’s no better time than now to kick ass my friends!

Intentionally speaking kindly to ourselves with encouraging language can help elevate our moods, push out self-doubt and support a mindset for manifesting personal growth and achieving our goals.

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