Six Traits of Positive Thinking Women Over Fifty (Who Kick Butt)

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6 Traits of Positive Thinking Women Over Fifty

We’re all trying to be our best self and live our best life, especially after we hit fifty. On that mission, some days we feel victorious and some days we feel like we’re a complete mess. In the middle of it all lies our attitude and all-important (my opinion!) mindset. Why do some women seem so positive and confident as they power through their day, and some women walk around feeling defeated and undeserving?

How can you feel more positive and mindfully embrace the days of your life if you don’t already feel like you do? Here are six traits that I’ve found confident positive thinking women over fifty around me have that help them live their best life.

1. They expect abundance

If we wake up in the morning and immediately think about what we’re dreading, and dwell on feelings rooted in lack, that is exactly what we’ll find. Lack is the state of being where we believe we don’t deserve abundance, that there isn’t enough money, happiness, success and general good stuff to go around, and therefore we won’t have enough for ourselves or we just don’t deserve those good things enough.

If we go around thinking we are lacking and believe we’ll never get or don’t deserve our share, our outlook is the proverbial glass half empty.

Positive women generally see the glass half full and believe with a healthy confidence that good things are coming their way and that they will receive the things they need and want, regularly.

They root themselves in optimism and expect abundance in their life. If this doesn’t come naturally for some of us, it is possible, but takes a mindful commitment to work at it.

2. They are grateful

Approaching every day grounded in gratitude means you are already feeling blessed before you step one toe out of your bed in the morning. Let’s face it, merely living past the age of fifty is glorious.

Sadly, we all know someone who hasn’t made it this far. We are already ahead of the pack and are blessed with the ability to continue charging forward. You can choose to do so entrenched in what is going wrong in your life or dig your heels into to what is going right.

“We only get to be in our bodies a limited time, why not celebrate the journey instead of merely riding it out until it’s over?” – Jen Sincero, You are a Badass

Every day we get to live experiences from the sublime wonders of being alive. The scent of lilacs blooming in the air, the sound of crickets clicking in the hot afternoon, the glorious daily gift of a sunrise and a sunset. Anything beyond the free and natural treats of simply being alive is a bonus! What a magnificent mindset to have, to start and end each day with gratitude for our haves rather than our have nots.

3. They solve problems

If you’re over fifty, pat yourself on the back. You’ve solved many, many problems in your lifetime. You’re solving problems every single day.

How positive confident women approach their days is to see solutions rather than dwelling on problems. Everyone has challenges, even the most seemingly happy and accomplished women among us.

The difference is their perspective. They see the problems and resourcefully resolve them.

You are probably doing this already. And if you’re getting stuck on the seeing the problem phase, you have the power to push through beyond the this sucks right into the what can I do about this. We all have problems of all shapes and sizes, your willingness to get unstuck and solve problems, is the key.

4. They help others

If we look closely at the confident positive women in our circles, they are usually givers. Now, this is tricky because giving too much of ourselves can lead to overwhelm and emotional exhaustion. But, a big part of a positive mindset is looking beyond yourself.

Having empathy for others and more importantly, taking actions to help others who need a hand or simply an encouraging word, is a magical cure for boosting mood, confidence and a general sense of purpose and well-being.

When we step out of our own heads and look around at how we can help a friend (or stranger), it does wonders for our sense of meaning and perspective.

Helping someone else without sacrificing ourselves and with no expectations in return is always, always, always a win toward confidence and positivity.

5. They don’t compare

Confident positive women over fifty have learned to not compare. They know to be discerning about when to (if ever) measure themselves to others and to keep it within healthy limits.

“Comparison is the death of all joy, and the only person you need to be better than is the one you were yesterday.” – Rachel Hollis, Girl Wash Your Face

They know how to look at other women who are rocking in life, work, fitness, etc. and to use it as inspiration, rather than as a calculation to make themselves feel less than. They know how to run their own race, perhaps catching a glimpse of others in the periphery, but they keep focused almost exclusively on the individual path and personal goals ahead of themselves.

6. They think big

Thinking big is personal. Your big thinking can be very different than your best friend’s or your sister’s or your coworker’s.

Thinking big means you believe you can achieve something a little extraordinary (in your world). It doesn’t matter how small or big that goal may be for anyone else.

Positive confident women take their think big dreams to the next level: taking actions and playing big. They take steps toward their goals with confidence and the belief that it may be difficult, but they can do it. They know there is a risk of failure, but they do it anyway.

“Playing big is being more loyal to your dreams than to your fears.” – Tara Mohr, Playing Big

Thinking and playing big always means there is a risk of failure. And so what?! If you haven’t been thinking big your whole life and you are over fifty now, what the heck are you waiting for!? This is our life ladies!

Despite the huge demands we still have on us in our busy lives, it’s never been more our time to get our heads straight and think about our life (and kick some butt) than in this fifty-something decade!
– Marlene



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