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How to Nurture Yourself

How to Nurture Yourself I’ll bet you’re quite familiar with knowing how to nurture others, but maybe you’ve forgotten (or never learned) how to nurture yourself. Maybe you haven’t realized yet just how critical it is for you to make nurturing yourself a priority. And learning how self-care can expand your sense of well-being. Is it too late? Nope, never! Let’s dig into how and why. Nurturing is natural Most of us would agree that we’ve spent the better part of our lives and our energy on giving, caring for,…

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How to Lift Your Spirits When You’re Feeling Down | 7 Quick, Easy Ways

How to Lift Your Spirits When You’re Feeling Down 7 Simple Things to Do to Improve Your Mood There are so many ways to lift your spirits when you’re feeling down. We all know them, but we forget to use them. So, here’s a reminder of a seven super easy and quick ways to find a bit of joy and improve your mood. 1. Tune it. Music is a natural mood lifter (if you choose the right kind). And the “right kind” of mood-lifting tunes is personal. Music can either…

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Smiling Improves Mood – Become a Frequent Smiler

Becoming a Frequent Smiler – It Improves Your Mood Is there anyone not interested in finding simple ways to improve your mood? In these socially isolated times, with so many challenges we’re coming up against, it seems a no-brainer to want to feel more at ease and do what we can to improve our mood. Smiling is one (big, free, easy) way to lift yourself up. Here’s when it dawned on me, the inner reminder of the power of a smile… I was on Zoom call the other day with…

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The Simple Secret to Happiness

The simple secret to happiness is something you already have access to. What if I told you that what stands between you and your potential for exuberant happiness was none other than… you. You are either thinking your way into misery or you’re opening your mind to your own limitless potential for joy. Sounds crazy, right? I’m not an expert and I certainly don’t have all of the answers. I’m on the same continued journey of self-discovery – uncovering my authentic self and finding more joy and purpose in my…

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How to Reshape Your Life in Chapter Two

You have the power to reshape your life. Whatever you wish you could reshape in your life, whether it’s your financial situation, your relationships, your general mood, or even the shape of your health – there are a few basic pieces of the path to get you there. And yes, you can get there. You can reshape any part of who you are if you can dream of her.  I’ve been reshaping my life over the past few years. Right after I hit fifty, it started. My desire to change…

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Forgot How to Have Fun?

Forgot how to have fun? It’s Time to Put it Back on Your To-Do List! Once you forget how to have fun, the rest of your life suffers. Think about it, when was the last time you had fun? I mean, the rip-snorting, laugh-so-hard-you-almost-pee-in-your-pants (or maybe you do) kind of fun. Can’t remember? I thought so. Fun is grossly underrated. We get so wrapped up in being serious. In being accountable. In doing all the things and collecting all the stuff, that we forget to have fun along the way.…

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