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How to Break Old Patterns that Prevent Growth

Are your habits keeping you stuck? Having a hard time figuring out how to make changes in your life that will lead to personal growth and to getting you moving forward taking steps toward your goals? Whether it’s your health, work, relationships, eating, or any other habits in your life keeping you stuck, there are ways to break old patterns and get momentum going in a positive direction. Taking time to be mindful and thereby taking notice and thinking about your patterns before you react is key to setting yourself…

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midlife, personal growth

Challenge Yourself to Find the Bright Side

How can we find the bright side if we don’t feel in control of where we’re going? Every shift in our lives is just a season. Nothing is permanent. Change is the constant. I’ve referred to our journey as “the evolution of you” in previous blog posts and I think it’s good way to think about life, especially midlife. We are ever-evolving. And we are never too old to grow. Some of the turns in our evolution are difficult and painful, but when we come out on the other side…

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Self Confidence Body Issues | Who Would We Be If Mirrors Didn’t Exist?

Self Confidence and Body Issues Who would we be if mirrors didn’t exist? We would prefer it weren’t so, but so much of our self-described identity is wrapped up around how we perceive the way we look. I don’t mean how we look in an is-there-a-stain-on-my-shirt sense, but on a deeper, more profound self-worth level. Who would you be if you had never seen your reflection in a mirror? How much has your reflection shaped who you are and how you feel about your value and power in this world?…

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Does Positive Thinking Really Help? Learn How to Use Perspective to Find Gratitude

Does Positive Thinking Really Help? Yes! Learn How Perspective Can Lead to Gratitude and Positive Thinking You know you should feel grateful, but you feel bummed, disappointed and even angry that your day is not going as you planned, or your car needs a new transmission. If we look for them, we can find so many reasons that our day, our life, even our world, is disappointing. It takes more effort to look for the upside, but it’s so well worth it. Are you breathing… If you know me, you…

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Mind Shift: Choosing Not to Be Defined by Past Hurt

Is it time for a mind shift? By the time we get to midlife, nearly every one of us has been through emotional trauma. And so the real question is, are we allowing the pain to keep us stuck? Sadly, some of us have experienced severe and deep wounds, the kind that come from emotional traumas like having an abusive parent, sexual violation, or the loss of a loved one. For others it may have been more subtle or cumulative, like being bullied, having an overly critical parent, demeaning spouse…

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Visualizing Your Future Self Can Lead to Better Choices

Have you given much thought to who, what, where you want to be in twenty years (besides alive)? Tapping into the vision and wisdom of your future self can help you find the clarity to make smarter choices today. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our busy days – full of work, to-do lists, appointments, bills and errands – that we lose sight of the bigger picture, the longer game. But envisioning the longer game can provide clearer choices for what we are doing today, the actions and…

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