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Feeling good (more often) – is it possible?

I admit it. I’m a little obsessed with finding ways to feel good, meaning genuinely well, more often filled with peace and optimism, and dare I say it… happy.

You’ll probably agree with me that feeling good is not always easy to do. A zillion books, podcasts, spiritual leaders, gurus, religious leaders, and even the three wise men don’t always help us figure out how to feel good.

So, if we can’t feel heel-kickin’ happy all the time, we can at least find ways to make moments of daily joy easier to access and a little more frequent.

We don’t have to wait for circumstances to be “perfect” for us to allow ourselves to feel good.

Let’s be real. Circumstances this year can be experienced as anything but conducive to joy and bliss. Politics, Coronavirus, being separated from our loved ones, racial tensions, self-righteous hate, fear, financial pressures… the list of things to worry about is literally infinite.

So, if our outer influences are mostly out of our control, then the goal is to find the source of joy, on the inside. To follow our inner compass and bring ourselves back to center. To find peace, optimism, and happiness… at least for moments each day… regardless of what’s going on around us.

“The most courageous decision you can make each day is to be in a good mood.” – Voltaire

This daily quest to feel good keeps drawing me back to the law of attraction. Whether you believe that what we focus on brings more of the same is a “law” or not, it does make sense.

So, I’m doing this thing. A feeling good experiment. And I invite you to join me.

Let’s set out to see how we can influence what we want to attract by improving how we feel.

Here’s how it looks: For five days, any five days (because the point is that how we’re feeling doesn’t have to be dependent on external circumstances… so waiting until after something worrisome passes to start the experiment misses the point.)

To start, you must believe it’s possible. You have to be open to considering that you have the sovereign power over your own mind, heart, and soul to make choices about how you feel. That’s all you need to give it a go!

For each day of the five days, intentionally, consciously, deliberately point your mind, body, and spirit to what makes you feel good. Set out to notice and shift your thoughts every time you feel yourself needing a boost in optimism because you’ve allowed external circumstances (the news, a coworker, a grouchy spouse, a unexpected bill in the mail) to put you on the downward slide toward anxiety or fear.

Note – we’re not trying to avoid or ignore reality. Trust me, those real concerns will still be there. This isn’t going to open a portal in the sky to some genie magic (you’ll be the first to know if I ever figure THAT out!).

“Change happens not by trying to make yourself change, but by becoming conscious of what’s not working.” – Shakti Gawain

The point is you have a choice whether you allow circumstances to beat the snot out of you and leave you laying in a feel-awful ditch… or whether you acknowledge the concerning reality but decide to worry another day and choose instead to celebrate what IS good. To celebrate having breath in your lungs, eyes to see, love to give. Switching to feeling good can start with the easy stuff – simple, mindful gratitude.

This experiment can show us three things.

  1. That we’re capable of altering how we feel and we don’t have to be at the mercy of external influences.
  2. That feeling good… feels good. And when we feel good, the world seems like a sunnier place, it grows our confidence that all will be well. Feeling good encourages optimism and hope for more of the same good feelings to come.
  3. Perhaps we’ll find some personal proof of the law of attraction. Maybe our feeling good is going to affect others in unexpected and beautiful ways. Maybe our “luck” will shift. Good news will come. Pssst… I’ve committed to this “experiment” a few times already, and each time I’ve been delighted by how good things and good feelings multiplied and snowballed.

What does feeling good feel like?

Remind yourself of what it feels like by noticing the moments you feel a little lighter, a bit more carefree. How you feel when you laugh, or in moments when you receive good news, or when you feel free, safe, or happy.

Get there again. Watch funny movies, look up jokes (remember those?!), blast your favorite music; cuddle your chicken; learn to knit; dance around your kitchen to embarrass your teenagers; bake cookies; journal your intentions and hopes for 2021; volunteer somewhere to help those in trouble or need; sing a song; buy yourself unicorn socks; make dinner for a friend who’s struggling; mail a love letter to your partner or kids.

I don’t know what turns you on but spend a few minutes brainstorming and figure out your own tried and true ways that light you up with feel good vibes! Make a list and keep it on your phone or on your fridge so when you’re feeling the struggle of moodiness and anxiety, you have a go-to plan.

What do you have to lose?

If absolutely nothing else wonderful happens, maybe we’ll learn that feeling good (even if for only moments!) is the entire point. Reawakening our personal power to decide to experience joy and happiness with the days we’re given. What’s the alternative? To drown in our worries and sorrows, day after day? That changes nothing and robs us of what fun and wonder life offers.

Helping guide ourselves to feeling good doesn’t change global affairs or resolve coronavirus or any of the other issues we’re facing; but consider how short life is. Do you genuinely want to spend the majority of your waking hours anxious, angry, or sad or instead spend the days feeling good (and potentially attracting more good vibes?)

I’m so lit up by this experiment! I hope it’s rubbing off on YOU too!

I think I’m going to do a free challenge for this community to put this 5 day Feeling Good Experiment into practice to offer encouragement, inspiration and support for those who want to give it a whirl!

May you choose feeling good more often and may those feelings help you attract what you wish for!  – Marlene





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