Five Super Simple Ways to Find Inspiration

Ways to Find Inspiration

It’s not always easy to feel inspired.

Some days I feel down and stagnant and I’m looking for inspiration to pick me back up and keep me moving forward.  Sometimes I’m looking for a creative spark to help me attack a project from a new angle, or I’m looking for ideas on how to make better health and wellness choices, or I’m searching for inspirational advice on parenting my teenager (vs. locking him in the basement).

I know how frequently I’m in need of an inspirational lift (basically every day!).

I thought about where it is I frequently find what I need to get the good vibes, creativity and positive mojo flowing again. I thought I’d share with you a few super simple ways to find inspiration that work for me.

  1. Google it! Seriously. Do a google search for “inspiration” and add a few words to your search about what specific inspiration you’re looking for. For example, “workout Inspiration” or “spiritual inspiration” or “proposal inspiration” or “kitchen organizing inspiration”.  Chances are you will find tons of inspiring images, stories, pins and websites already created and at your access instantly. Cost=free!
  2. Social media. If you use the search bar to type in the kind of inspiration you want, you’ll find it! There are many social media feeds (I especially like the imagery of Instagram) that provide an endless stream of daily inspiration in whatever areas you need the most.  A word of caution here – seek what truly inspires you out of your slump and doesn’t make you feel even worse by tempting you to compare yourself to anyone else.
  3. Pick up a book. Read. Even just a few pages. Visit the library. Ask a friend what book they’ve recently enjoyed. Visit a bookstore. There is sooooo much inspiration in books in nearly any subject and topic imaginable. Fiction or non-fiction – even just a few pages of a book always moves me out of a funk.
  4. Go outside. Take a walk, breathe. Sit on the steps. Look around. It may not be the scenery itself that leads to inspiration (although that’s possible) but I find just stepping away from my desk helps me shake up my mood and hit my mental refresh button.
  5. Reach out. Connect with your peeps. If it’s a work slump – text or call that successful friend you have and pick her brain for ideas and inspiration. If it’s fitness inspiration you need, get in touch with that friend who is super fit and never seems to run out of exercise motivation. Can’t think of a friend? Prefer not to talk about your inspirational crisis? Find an online tribe. There are hundreds of people who have written digital books, e-resourcesm blogs, and articles, plus those who host youtube channels or podcasts – all there with the purpose of inspiring someone like you or me. The bonus is that more often than not, access to these resources (and your friends!) is FREE! Seek and we shall find!

Staying inspired and motivated every day can be a challenge.

Some days are easier than others. I try to remind myself that when I’m feeling overly introspective, I feel the least inspired. When I look out beyond myself, I usually find what I need to feel inspired again.

Please share – do you have a favorite way that you find inspiration?

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