Woo-Woo and The Enchanted Forest

Woo-Woo to Cultivate Positivity

I confess. I can’t help it. I’m drawn to woo-woo.

Are you also contemplating using woo-woo to cultivate positivity, help you gain more power to set intentions and manifest your goals into reality? At the very least, I think there’s something to be gained from focused positivity and if it’s the woo-woo that gets us there, so be it.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines woo-woo as “dubiously or outlandishly mystical, supernatural, or unscientific”.

My personal definition for woo-woo is all things that are spiritual and mystical (and not specifically religious), that which is not necessarily proven to be real. My general opinion on woo-woo is a solid hey, why not – you never know.

New species of bugs and animals are regularly discovered. So that means they existed before anyone knew about them or logged them in the annals of science.

So, I feel the same about woo-woo and spirituality. Just because some things can’t be proved beyond a shadow of doubt using a scientific method – doesn’t necessarily mean they are not real, true or do not exist.

I can’t see or prove these, but I believe in:

  • Intuition. That gut feeling about someone or about a situation that either encourages me toward it or warns me away.
  • Mindfulness. The power of our minds and thoughts – and the power of prayer or meditation or whatever you’d like to call it. The real effects of focusing our thoughts for good, for healing, for love, for affirmations, for calm, for manifesting our intentions. (This one leads me to woo-woo.)
  • Connectedness. The connection between our minds, bodies and emotions. I’ve seen for myself the negative effects of what stress can do my physical body and thoughts. Maybe you have experienced this too – the racing heart you feel that you are able to slow down with your breath and calming thoughts.

What else am I open to considering?

The whole rest of the woo-woo gamut! Psychics, crystals, sage, stones, incense, meditation, spirits, angels, tarot, synchronicities, alternative healing. There are too many to list, but you get the idea! Not to discredit or categorize these as dubious or outlandish, but we can agree that they are definitely not generally accepted by most.

And why the heck not?

I think most people like to have textbook proof and that’s not currently available on woo-woo.

Enter the Enchanted Forest

When my youngest was little I used to say goodnight to him every evening with a kiss on the top of his head (he’s fifteen now and I still do this) and I would tell him I hoped he would have wondrous dreams of an enchanted forest. At this, he would always roll his eyes and reply yeah, right mom. The most realist of my three children, he does not believe that there could actually exist any such place so magical and mystical.

But I do. Totally. Why not? Remember, people used to think the world was flat and those who said it was round were thought to be heretics!

I choose to believe in the woo-woo and the power of spirituality in whatever shape, form, practices and words that appeal to me. I believe no harm can come from being open-minded and having faith. Faith is something to hold on to and becomes especially important in the darkest moments we all face.

Using woo-woo to cultivate positivity

As I approach my mid-fifties, I’ve discovered I more fully embrace finding, cultivating and sharing all possible sources and methods for nurturing the higher energy of positivity than ever before. The mystical, supernatural, hope and faith filled woo-woo fits in here perfectly.

I’m working on regularly setting intentions and continuing to open myself up to as many good vibes and as much affirming power as I can, even at the risk of some thinking it’s all baloney.

Do you think it’s baloney?

Ok, so maybe I won’t find an Enchanted Forest, but there’s nothing baloney about being open to using any means that might help me be my best self, keep my spirits up and my mind going in a positive direction toward my goals.

After all, you never know. So now that I’ve confessed, I say bring on the woo-woo!

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