Mindset: What happens if we focus on what could go right?

mindset - what could go right

What could happen in our lives if we could steer our mindset to focus on what could go right instead of what might go wrong?

Even those of us who consider ourselves eternal optimists (yours truly included) can still have boat-loads of fear crippling us and preventing us from personal growth and from achieving our goals.

Growth happens when we have the courage to push through our fears and worries to get to the other side.

What gets presented to us on the news is an stream of mostly the what could go wrongs. The accidents, deaths, fires, murders, violence, hurt, storms and ugly gossip get the headlines.

We are rarely presented with enough of what goes right.

It’s no wonder many of us are frozen in fear and too scared to take on the challenges we’d really like to.

So what happens when we change our mindset and consciously seek out positivity, pushing ourselves beyond our fears?

Personal growth happens, that’s what.

“Know that where there’s fear, there’s power.” – Leanne Kallal

Although it doesn’t usually make the headlines, people are pushing past fears by changing their mindsets, and powering forward to score wins (both big and small) every single day.

It may seem like a small win to score, but I’ve been trying to push past my fears and book a flight to visit my son at college. I don’t like flying (that’s putting it mildly) but I realize that air travel needs to be a part of my life if I want to see my kids.

I know what you’re thinking – just buy the damn ticket and get on the plane! But for me, air travel has been a big dark scary crippling overwhelming panic-attack-inducing activity.

It’s irrational  – but isn’t that what most of our fears are?

And those darn irrational fears are keeping us stuck and unable to free ourselves!

If we want to grow and be ready to face the challenges that midlife will most definitely throw at us – and still keep moving forward – we have to commit to tweaking our mindset.

“Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.” – Babe Ruth

We have to accept that our fears may not go away entirely, but we do have the ability to adjust our thoughts and focus on what could go right.

“The fear doesn’t go away – learn to dance with it.” – Seth Godin

What can we make happen if we dance with the fear and not let it stop us?

The sky’s the limit. Literally!

For my part, I’m going to work on my mindset and book that airfare ticket for one (to the sound of my teeth chattering in terror). I’m actually more afraid of not going than going…

What I (we) stand to lose by letting fear win is far too great a cost.

Are you ready to change your mindset and score yourself a win?


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Mindset - What Could Go Right

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