The Not-So-Secret Secrets to Aging Well After 50

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I’d love to whisper some incredible aging well secrets to you about how we can prevent wrinkles and stop time, but that ain’t happening.

What can happen, however, is that you can learn to flex two of your over-fifty underused muscles – confidence and power – both of which play a leading role in aging well.

Getting in tune with who you are on the inside can help you feel like you’ve filled your BPA-free stainless-steel earth-friendly refillable canteen at the fountain of eternal youth!

The first not-so-secret anti-aging secret: Confidence – and you’ve earned it!

No woman gets to fifty years old without learning a few lessons. Living from childhood through to this moment, you have experienced numerous ups and downs.

You’ve made choices. You’ve celebrated wins and you’ve suffered losses.

Having lived through over eighteen-thousand days means you could teach a few things to those younger than you. (Of course, not to your own kids, because they don’t want to hear about any of it.)

The fact is, you are older and definitely wiser. And it’s time to intentionally tap into that wisdom.

“Aging profoundly forces us to figure out who we really are, on the inside.” – Oprah Winfrey, 65

Our confidence continues to grow as we learn to trust that intuitive inner voice which has been speaking to us (and that we’ve frequently ignored) throughout our lives.

So what if your eyelids are a little less taut and you’ve sprouted a menopausal chin hair or three – you’ve lived a lot of life! Revel in it!  You’ve earned this too!

“It’s not like 50 is the new 30. It’s like 50 is the new chapter.” – Sharon Stone, 60

Use your history to prove to yourself that you are ready to take on this new chapter, this next adventure! Bumps and all – you’ve already proven you can take it.

That is aging well.

The other not-so-secret anti-aging secret: Embracing your super-powers!

Your super-power is that you are you! No two of us are exactly alike and no two of us have lived the same experiences. So, you are an authority, on you.

Yes, you’ve made mistakes in life, but give yourself credit; you’ve gotten some things very right.

And what feels pretty darn right at this point in life is that we have less of a desire to be who we are not. It’s the most satisfying decade to (finally) do YOU.

Give in to your growing need to be authentic, to be real, to speak your truth, to say no, or to say to yes, to ask for what you want.

“It took me well over sixty years to learn to ask for what I want. It’s very hard to be authentic, and yet, it’s the only real joy.” – Ali McGraw, 71

You are an incredible force. You have strength beyond belief.

You have overcome so much, worked so hard, given so much of yourself to others, it’s time to embrace your value – your power.

“Age is just a number. Agelessness means not buying into the idea that a number determines everything from your state of health to your attractiveness to your value.” – Christiane Northrup, M.D., 69

We are so much more than what we look like on the outside. Believe it.

That is aging well.

You have so much more value and power than you have ever given yourself credit for. Claim it!

Celebrate your years of life, don’t try to hide from them.

What a disservice to the superwoman that you are, to allow your age to make you feel weak or discouraged in any way.

Athlete Diana Nyad swam from Cuba to Florida on what was her fifth attempt and at age 64! Do you think anybody gives a rat’s tail about her crow’s feet or age spots?!

It’s never too late and you’re never too old to whip out your superwoman cape and go balls-to-the-wall for your dreams!

Aging well after fifty is much more about how you feel on the inside than the visible story your outside tells.

“I have everything I had at twenty, it’s just a little lower.” – Cybill Shepherd, 69

Yes, of course, use sunscreen, exercise, eat well, take your vitamins, and slap on some anti-aging cream… but remember that much of how well you age is defined by your mind, not your skin.

Do all that you can to take care of yourself, but above all, be true to you!

Cheers to the not-so-secret secrets of aging well – to growing in confidence and power, and to recognizing our value – at any age.
– Marlene



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