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Your mindset matters and fuels the actions that add up to your success.

If you desire to do something, deep down inside there is a part of you that believes you can.

And when it seems like you’re not making any progress, or worse, you feel like you’re moving backwards, do not give up.

Even treading water in the same spot is keeping your desire, your dream, your ability to succeed – alive.

As I continue to say, you’ve got to be your own best cheerleader.

The most important piece of achieving what you desire is understanding this: Your mindset matters. It more than matters, it’s the big kahuna!

Success doesn’t happen accidentally.

The most successful people didn’t get what they desired by sitting still and waiting for it to come to them. They took action. They know that mindset matters and leads to manifesting action.

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. Do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” – Dale Carnegie, best-selling self-help author

You may think you have every obstacle in the world standing between you and your success, but that is only what you think.

Your mind can see obstacles or… your mind can see challenges and solutions.

If you’ve fixed your mindset on seeing possibility and opportunity instead of roadblocks, you will feel more compelled to continue taking tiny steps, or maybe even giant bounds, forward.

“The greatest gift that extraordinarily successful people have over the average person is their ability to get themselves to take action.” – Tony Robbins, entrepreneur, philanthropist, best-selling author and business strategist

Up your confidence

If we wait until we have full confidence in ourselves, we could be waiting a lifetime. There will never be a more perfect moment than now (that is a mindset!)

Take action. Do it. Do something.

Expect a bit of failure and backwards slide occasionally but know that trying will bring you more confidence and satisfaction than inaction ever will.

Believe that you are enough and whatever your best is on this day is acceptable.

Know that even when it seems you haven’t gained any ground; you are pushing yourself to do things you fear. That alone is a win.

You know that you won’t get what you desire by playing it safe and by taking comfortable actions.

Be relentless. Do the uncomfortable.

Build your confidence slowly by taking tiny steps and not allowing yourself to be tied to the gains, but instead to be shored up by the cojones it took to take the tiny step itself.

Live in the present moment

We can feel discouraged when we look at the bigger picture too frequently.

It’s useful to have an overall plan and big picture vision of what we desire, but it can make us feel defeated if we look too far ahead and can’t see the progress of our tiny steps.

It’s like climbing a mountain because you want to get to the view at the top. If you stand at the bottom of the mountain and fix your gaze at the peak, you may feel overwhelmed when the climb gets too steep. You may feel like turning back before you even get midway because you’re looking at how much farther you must go instead of focusing on the tiny steps directly beneath your feet.

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters in the end.” – Ernest Hemingway, Pulitzer Prize winning novelist

Give yourself the gift of being in the now.

Revel in the moment that you have taken a tiny step, a brave and difficult choice you have made for yourself.

Because you believe in your desires. You know your desires matter.

On a deep intuitive level, you also know that your mindset matters.

Drop the drama in your mind. Take a leap of faith. Expect the best outcome.

“Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve.” – J.K. Rowling, ninth best selling author of all time

Appreciate the moment. Be mindful of how deeply you desire to make progress, no matter how small.

Let go of struggle

Declare your desires out loud. Let the universe know you are serious.

Be willing to let go of struggle and allow positive energy to ground you – to flow out, and in and around you.

Visualize your success. Nourish and cultivate your mindset.

Imagine that your tiny steps are part of a journey of joy and feel gratitude for the amazing blessings surely coming your way.

Stop expecting misery, failure, and lack.

Anticipate positive progress and achievement.

Allow yourself a down day. Don’t struggle over it. Feel the low, examine your mindset and underlying fears; then offer yourself a hand getting back up.

“You wanna fly, you got to give up the sh*t that weighs you down.” – Toni Morrison, Nobel Prize-winning novelist

It can take time to develop the muscles of mindset.

Be open and willing to accept abundance and triumph from your actions.

Expect success.

And accept that the opposite of winning is not failing, but learning.

“My best successes came on the heels of failures.” – Barbara Corcoran, Real Estate Mogul and Business Expert

You are closer than you think

Sometimes the results that come from our tiny steps don’t seem so impressive. It can feel like we’ve gained no ground, made no progress. But action in and of itself is success and helps to continue building confidence and a stronger mindset.

Consciously decide you won’t give up.

Believe in yourself. Believe in the possibilities.

When you glance back, you’ll appreciate how far you’ve come.

Tiny steps add up (don’t make me tell you the story about the turtle and the hare! You know how it turns out!) Slow and steady really can win the race.

Positive energy is free, my friend! It’s available to all of us who want to tap into it.

Cheers to our continued personal growth and to understanding how profoundly our mindset matters and that tiny steps do lead to success and to what we desire! – Marlene



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