Empowerment Challenge

A 30 Day Empowerment Challenge to Prepare for the New Year

With less than 30 days left in the year, it’s time to get into gear to end this year strong and move into 2022 feeling more empowered. Maybe you made resolutions at the start of the year that haven’t quite held up, but those goals are still on your priority list. Things like improving your health, getting better sleep, improving your finances, are big over-arching goals and sometimes it’s harder to achieve those big goals because they’re too general and seem impossible. So, in these last days of the year,…

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Woman on top of hill reaching arms up for How Do you Overcome Setbacks page

How Do You Overcome Setbacks?

How Do You Overcome Setbacks? Here are 4 techniques to help you coach yourself into having more perseverance Setbacks are an inevitable part of life. It’s how we manage those setbacks and successfully overcome them that often sets the optimists apart from the pessimists. I don’t believe that we are entirely either one or the other. I think we can have a primary setting; to see situations more naturally through the lens of positivity or negativity. But I also think it’s changeable from day to day and mood to mood.…

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Woman in field for how to feel better mentally and physically page

How to Start Feeling Better Mentally and Physically

5 Simple Steps to Improve How Your Feel Overall Much of how you move through your day is based on how you feel. The perspective you have of yourself, and your life is colored through the lens of how good or how awful you feel in that moment. So, finding simple ways to feel better not only improves the quality of your day, but can have a powerfully compounding positive impact on how you feel over time. Whether you are not feeling your best because of physical ailments or emotional…

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Image of spring window cleaning for Clear Your House of Negative Energy with a Good Spring Cleaning concept

Clear Your House of Negative Energy with a Good Spring Cleaning

Clear Your House of Negative Energy with a Good Spring Cleaning Springtime is the perfect season for cleaning up, for clearing out and for inviting in the energy of renewal. If you’re like me, you’re feeling called to do more than simply tidy and dust this spring. It feels like high time for an intentional clearing, a marked event, a season-spurred shift, a remembering – of who we truly are.  Who we are beneath and beyond all the material things we’ve stored, stashed, and collected. Decluttering and stepping into authenticity…

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setting intentions for the new year

Setting Intentions | A Powerful Way to Start the New Year

Here we are, getting ready to greet a new year.  So many of us are welcoming the idea of change because the last year was so rough. But before you toast to midnight on Thursday night, take some time to consider what you want in the next twelve months. Will you enter the next twelve months feeling empowered or will you let the next year have it’s way with you (again)? What are your intentions? Not resolutions, but intentions. What kind of energy do you want to welcome? How do…

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Woman with eyes closed looking calm finding peace

Finding Peace in Turbulent Times

This year has been a bumpy journey for nearly everyone. For many, it’s been more than rough. It’s been tumultuous, painful, and loaded with fears. Piled on top of the never-ending coronavirus concerns, we’ve been navigating political and social unrest and the strains of what feels much like living in a bizarre version of The Hunger Games. It takes quite a strong emotional fortress to not only survive the emotional chaos, but to feel peace within it, and to maybe even (dare I say) thrive. So how do we bolster…

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