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How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety Naturally – 7 Tips to Try

How to reduce stress and anxiety naturally 7 tips to try It’s impossible to avoid stress and anxiety entirely. So, when we’re feeling the intensity of it bearing down on us, it helps to have some go-to ways to naturally reduce stress and get through the tough moments.   1. Say something. Keeping stress bottled up is unhealthy and usually makes us feel worse. Want to feel better? Open your mouth and say something. Express yourself. Gently, but truthfully, let others know how you’re feeling and why. Share what’s bugging…

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How to Nurture Yourself

How to Nurture Yourself I’ll bet you’re quite familiar with knowing how to nurture others, but maybe you’ve forgotten (or never learned) how to nurture yourself. Maybe you haven’t realized yet just how critical it is for you to make nurturing yourself a priority. And learning how self-care can expand your sense of well-being. Is it too late? Nope, never! Let’s dig into how and why. Nurturing is natural Most of us would agree that we’ve spent the better part of our lives and our energy on giving, caring for,…

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Forgot How to Have Fun?

Forgot how to have fun? It’s Time to Put it Back on Your To-Do List! Once you forget how to have fun, the rest of your life suffers. Think about it, when was the last time you had fun? I mean, the rip-snorting, laugh-so-hard-you-almost-pee-in-your-pants (or maybe you do) kind of fun. Can’t remember? I thought so. Fun is grossly underrated. We get so wrapped up in being serious. In being accountable. In doing all the things and collecting all the stuff, that we forget to have fun along the way.…

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How We Can Cultivate Good Habits

How We Can Cultivate Good Habits Who we are is the result of what we repeatedly do so cultivating good habits is a worthwhile endeavor if we want to live our best life. You may think that good habits, or bad habits for that matter, are not that big a deal. If we point ourselves in generally the right direction, won’t we get there anyhow? Not necessarily. Think of your habits like the trajectory of a rocket. If the rocket is off by just the tiniest distance, that little error…

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Tips on How to Handle Anxiety During this Pandemic

Tips on How to Handle Anxiety During this Pandemic In light of what’s going on worldwide right now, life can feel out of control and many of us could use a few simple strategies to cope with our rising anxiety. Watching the news, feeling the rising fear, seeing people hoarding necessities and the increasing worry we have for the health of our loved ones are all anxiety triggers, even for the most zen among us. Fear and anxiety are personal. Your anxiety may be rising for reasons totally different from…

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How to Get Negative Thoughts Out of Your Mind | Tips & Strategies

How to Get Negative Thoughts Out of Your Mind Tips to get your mind on your side The only way to live your best life and get closer to your fullest potential for joy, satisfaction and purpose is to get your mind on your side. We all seem to agree that fear and doubt stop us from living our best life. Fear of failing, feeling like a fool, confirming our self-doubts, exposing ourselves to emotional pain or repeating trauma… are common negative thoughts that prevent us from attempting to do…

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