How to Lift Your Spirits When You’re Feeling Down | 7 Quick, Easy Ways

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How to Lift Your Spirits When You’re Feeling Down

7 Simple Things to Do to Improve Your Mood

There are so many ways to lift your spirits when you’re feeling down. We all know them, but we forget to use them. So, here’s a reminder of a seven super easy and quick ways to find a bit of joy and improve your mood.

1. Tune it.

Music is a natural mood lifter (if you choose the right kind). And the “right kind” of mood-lifting tunes is personal. Music can either relax your frazzled nerves or rev up your energy, depending on the song and genre. Whether you prefer seventies rock or maybe today’s pop music – listening to whatever makes your mood shift and can lift your spirits will do the job. Experiment and enjoy!


2. Thank it.

Sounds corny… but gratitude works, every time. It’s impossible to be thinking about something you’re genuinely grateful for and feel depressed at exactly the same time. Intentionally counting blessings raises your vibration up from lower vibe anxious and negative feelings and can expand your moment-to-moment capacity for love. Need a shift back to feeling love and inner peace? (Who doesn’t!?) Try writing down five things you’re grateful for, right now. Gratitude usually changes our perspective immediately.


3. Note it.

It’s never a good idea to repress hard emotions like anger or grief. Deep emotions need time to work themselves out, often to a resolution. But instead of lingering in a miserable mood, for say, an entire day – try writing yourself a short note to shift your spirits. Like a post-it note or on your to-do list… i.e. deal with the dog jumping on the couch or go through dad’s memory box.

Yes, in a way it delays dealing with that emotion for a later time, but that can be a good thing. Writing it down helps remove the immense weight of the emotion because you aren’t trying to forget what needs to be processed and resolved, you just gave yourself a pass.

Noting what comes up is like giving yourself permission to face it a little later. And chances are, a little later means you will come to that reminder note when you’re feeling a little less volatile, edgy or down, hence it won’t have the same energetic drain as it would have had on you earlier.


4. Skip it.

I’m learning to love this one! Just say no! When you’re heart is saying no but your mouth is saying yes, rethink it. It’s ok to be honest. Not feeling like joining your friends for girls night in zoom call this week? Say no. Not feeling up to making a special dinner? Decline it. Be polite, but honest. Even with yourself. Continually ignoring your gut feelings, instincts and need to protect your own energy in order to do what you think is expected is unhealthy. Say no once in awhile and see how skipping it lifts your spirits!


5. Give it.

Decluttering has not been a hot topic for the last decade for no reason. Clearing your space, your desk, your bedroom, your closet is therapeutic. It’s nice to have possessions that are meaningful and in decluttering expert Marie Kondo’s words, “spark joy”, but how much “stuff” do we really need? Clutter is a mood drain!

And it’s been said that our personal items, like clothes, books, and home decorations, can hold a certain energy in them. An energy that served us when we brought it home, but that no longer serves who we are today or who we aspire to be in the future. So, pack up that stuff that doesn’t light you up and lift your spirits any longer and give it away or donate it to someone who could use or enjoy it.


6. Move it.

Move your body. Take a walk. Do an online yoga class. Stretch. Do some squats. Wrist rolls. Ankle rolls. Dance around your kitchen. Lift weights. YouTube tai chi. Whateva! It doesn’t matter so much what you do, but that you get physically moving. The change of scenery, the mental stimulation, the blood flowing, the physical movement is healing and spirit-lifting. Even if you don’t always break a sweat, it’s better for your brain than sitting all day long. And far better than remaining cemented in your foul mood!


7. Plan it.

Social distancing and Coronavirus will not stop us forever. Plan something! You don’t have to buy the plane tickets just yet, but you certainly can jot down some dates and plans for when and where you want to go. Maybe it’s a family reunion for next summer, a beach rental you’re dreaming of, or a day of family river rafting. It’s not how solid the plans are that matters, it’s that you’re dreaming and imagining what you desire. That you’re committing to doing the research and the associated planning to make it happen as soon as health restrictions reduce enough.

We’re kind of stuck in pandemic-bummer-limbo when it comes to making any plans, but that doesn’t have to stop us from figuring out how the fiesta is going to go down when we eventually get the green light.

Now more than ever, during this lingering time of uncertainty, it’s important than ever to find ways to boost your spirits.

Finding joy and happiness is a choice and you’ve got loads of options to make that happen.

Give these ideas a whirl if you’re in need of a bit of spirit-lifting and feel free to share in the comments below any other mood-boosting activities that work for you when you’re feeling down!  – Marlene


Need More Support?

Feeling like you need more spirit-lifting & mood-boosting than these ideas might offer, you might benefit from an energy healing session with intuitive guidance that can help you balance, clear, and heal energies keeping you feeling you stuck and down.

I’ve found that Reiki is one of the many modalities that can help tremendously and that’s why I became certified a few years ago. And the best news during these times is that it can be provided long-distance, with the same benefits. Find out more details here or reach out to me directly for more information.




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